Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My sister stole an idea from someone else who most likely stole it from someone else, etc. and I wanted to do it.  It's about taking the month of November to verbalize what you're thankful for.  Since today is the 3rd of the month, I thought I should combine the last 2 days with today.

As I said in my last post, emergency situations have been on the mind.  So my thankfulness #1 is definitely a roof over my head.  I am so grateful I don't have to be out in the elements. I was walking to the car on Monday while is was blowy outside and I couldn't imagine not having shelter in this nasty weather. I'd probably migrate with the geese.
(This wasn't Monday, it was taken back in 2008, but I don't think I have any more recent pics of in front of our house)

My #2 Thankfulness item is my brain.  I may not be the most intelligent person in the world, but I feel that I can learn quickly and efficiently.  I'm grateful for a good mind.  It reminds me of the book, "Flowers for Algernon." If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.  What a great perspective on learning abilities.

My thankfulness item #3 is for toothpaste, for without it, I would have the teeth of an old man. Thank you toothpaste for giving me a chance.

I'm excited for the next 27 things :)

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Michele said...

Dood you seriously need to NOT read that stuff. It will only freak you out. Sure being prepared is good but DON'T stress about it. Man you are really good at stressing about things. You need to learn how to chill out. Yes this is your big sister telling you to take a chill pill.
As for your brain, uh ok... ;-)
Toothpaste is a good thing. Too bad your mother didn't teach us to use it earlier in life. If she reads your blog...just delete this part.