Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful for 16

Is it just me, or is this week incredibly long?  It's not even Wednesday! We got granted a "jeans" week at work.  I'm taking full advantage of it.  I love jeans- you know what I love more than jeans? Flip-flops. :)

The thing I'm thankful for today is my family.  I love them so!  Even the lame ones. :)  I'm glad I have a mom who listens and loves me.  I'm glad for my sister who I talk to daily.  I'm glad for my brother for our fun teletubbie jokes. I'm glad for my little sister who is always keeping me on my toes.  I all my in-laws, my niece and nephew.  I love my aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins-in-laws and their kiddos!  I love my Grandma's (and all my grandparents who are waiting in heaven :) )I'd even go so far as to say I love Drew's family, too!  There's going to be a new addition to the Jackson clan in March that I'm pretty excited about as well(not ours!)  Thank you all for being in my life, enriching it, and making up part of me!

Elisabeth couldn't be bothered with sitting down to eat today.  She had to take what was on Drew's plate and eat it at a chair (she put her food on the seat of a chair and ate it as she walked around).  We also went to the store this afternoon to get some cranberry items for some math I'm doing tomorrow with my students.  The Mother's animal cookies were on sale, so I threw some in the cart.  She immediately starting saying cook-cook (cookie) and signing please over and over again.  This child has never had these cookies.  How in the WORLD does she know what they are, and that she needs them so badly?

I put them on the conveyor belt to get scanned and she screamed at me (cause she was trying to figure out how to open them to eat).  So afterward, we get in the car and immediately she starts up with the cook-cook again and saying please.  I gave in :)  She even SAID please to Drew in the car  after we went and picked him up...it was pretty cute!

This is our second to last produce box for the year.  I told the lady who drops off the boxes that I'm going through withdrawls already and I don't know what I'm going to do for 26 weeks until it starts up again!  She agreed!

Today in our box, we got 2 leeks, 3 pounds of rome apples, 1 bunch  ofcarrots, 1 bunch of beets, 1 bunch of collard greens, 1 acorn squash, salad mix, 2 pounds of yellow finn potatoes)  ---our produce drawers are exploding, and I couldn't be happier!


Michele said...

You couldn't come up with something better than your family?

I am so jealous of your produce boxes. I wish I could convince the dude into letting me get them next year and that I could convince myself it is worth the drive to go get them. NOT Bountiful Baskets ones either but the real local stuff. Maybe I will get my own garden going next year.

COOK COOK PLEASE (Oh yeah that reminds me, once again another child signs instead of talking - I am just shaking my head)

Mama Nirvana said...

Soooooo jealous of your greens. That has been my favorite thing. Our box ended about three weeks ago. How much did yours cost? Ours was $440 for 22 weeks. Looking at your contents, I think yours was better, as your stuff seems washed. Ours got really pretty bad at the end.


Maddy said...

Amy - Our was $546 for 26 weeks, so a little bit more. BUT if you paid by April 1st, it was only $520, so that would be the same as yours, just for a longer time.

Our stuff is washed, but I go ahead and rewash it just in case there's a little extra dirt on the carrots, or whatever, but overall, it has been really clean and a consistent great quality box each week. I've been very happy with it!

Michele - I wish you could too, but gardening is great. I wish I had a larger area + sun to grow a garden, but I just don't yet. :(

And the baby signing has been magic. :)