Sunday, November 28, 2010

28th Day

We're spending another night in Seattle tonight so that tomorrow isn't as much of a hassle.  We have to take Elisabeth to Portland for a doctor's appointment (after my lovely post of how healthy we are- haha!)- but anyway, I figured it would be kinder on all of us if we visited the doctor in Portland on our way home from Seattle.  Otherwise we'd drive down today (4-5 hours), and then drive back up and down (another total of 3 hours).  I thought that instead, we could just drive ~3 hours down to portland, go to the doctor, and then drive the last 1.5 hours afterward.  Great idea, eh?

Today, I am extremely grateful for health insurance.  Drew and I both had shady insurance deals growing up, and when we were done with undergrad, we didn't have any insurance for a year until grad school was just too expensive.

This year, we decided to opt out of my insurance because of some district benefits I got for doing so.  We were able to do this because Drew has pretty good insurance with his work.

I am so glad we have insurance for so many things.  I can't imagine having a baby without insurance...that would be murder!  And the reason we're going to Portland is only because we have insurance...otherwise I'd just keep on going. (intestinal issues).  Elisabeth's doctor and I both doubt anything is wrong, but we decided we would take her to a pediatric gastroenterologist just in case.

 Look at those little hairs! I could actually put 2 little pigtails in her hair if she wouldn't rip them out within seconds of putting them in!
 At least one of us is looking at the camera! haha
stop taking pictures of me, I's watchin mah stories!!!!

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