Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankfulness numero siete

I have two things I want to have as my thankfulness days, so I think I'll do one today, and the other tomorrow.  The first one being indoor plumbing (sorry Shel ;)-she had put this as hers yesterday, but I already had it lined up).  I hate the cold. Hate it.  ...well unless it's like 105 outside and what's "cold" is coming from the hose, or a swimming pool, or a slurpee, then it's great.  But outside temperatures suck.

I can't imagine (no, I probably could...), but I would really hate it if I didn't have easy access to hot water.  I would have an even harder time if that water was only outside, and not at my fingertips when needed.  I would be oh so very sad.

I love my sinks, I love my dishwasher, I love my clothes washer, I love my toilet, and I love my shower, they are fabulous.

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Michele said...

Look how cute her cheeks are in the sink!! I can't believe she has lost so much weight.
You are welcome to steal from me anytime you would like. I am smarter after all.