Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday #7 Things that make you go hmmmmm

I could really go for some cookies about now. We didn't bring any, and we're kind of done spending monies. Daaanggggg, guess I'll have to wait.

Lucy bummed out on us for our trip to Tepozlan on Saturday. Which, in reality, isn't a bad thing. The school is doing an excursion to Mexico City to see the oldest and largest Cathedral in America, 2 other places, and the Anthropology Museum. It's expensive, and we've way overspent our money here. Good thing food and bills can be paid with credit cards is all I'm saying! But I really love museums, and think that going would outweigh the financial struggle it'll put us in.- cause you know, it's only money, and I get paid in October - so it's not THAT big of a deal, right?!

A TON of people are leaving tomorrow. The community college from Colorado and Wisconsin are both going - I'd say it's a good 50-6o people. YES! It will be interesting to see if any other large groups come. - I doubt it though since summer is winding down. Thankfully I know of at least 4 of us that will be here for at least the next 2 weeks. I always have this fear of being alone. hahaha

Let's see, what else..... Oh, for dinner last night - this dinner always makes me laugh. It's pot roast+potatoes+carrots with all the traditional mexican dinner fixings (rice, beans tortillas). So what do you do with this? Well I'll tell you! You cut up all your meat, potatoes, beans, put them all in a tortilla with your rice and beans and EAT it! hahaha Oh man, it's hysterical! I usually don't eat the tortillas, but still do the whole mixing of my foods into a pile. It's quite the interesting combination of flavors. I always want to take a picture of my food, but always feel a bit self-conscious and reluctant to do so, so I don't.

So there you have it, I think that's about it for the day.

OH! I did finish Messenger yesterday. Well, started it and finished it. I've decided that maybe I don't necessarily care for Lois Lowry. Things happen in her books that I don't necessarily enjoy. I loved the CONCEPT of The Giver, but didn't like the ending. I enjoyed the CONCEPT of Gathering Blue + Messenger, I just don't like how the story unraveled. Oh well. At least I still have Stephenie Meyer! hahaha


Shel and Rick said...

Your food time always cracks me up. That will be interesting having less people. When does Kate leave?
I am glad you are going to the stuff tomorrow. That will be a good experience. I wish I knew where else you were going so I could google it.

Maddy and Drew said...

I can't remember, sorry, and way too lazy to go outside in the deathly hottness to find out. I'll let you know eventually though. Kate leaves tomorrow, too, and Eve. yes! lol