Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday #8

Today's classes were much better than yesterday. The girl I was put with yesterday asked to be moved so she could learn future tense Spanish, which leaves me to be by myself. Which was great! I get to start an hour later, and we go at my speed, not someone else's. So when I don't understand Pronombre indirectos, pronombre directos, and something else I don't understand, but anyway, when I don't understand I can ask and get it explained. So it's a good thing.

Today, I think we're going to head up the the zocalo market again for the last time. Nothing else is really going on though. Things have gotten pretty slow and lazy. I like slow and lazy, but not when I want the next few days to go faster. We only have 96.5 hours to go though! That counts for something!

Oh, and Drew has temporarily fixed my computer. We have a large clamp/paperclip holding the top cornder so it doesn't fuzz out. It looks like I'm going to have to get my screen replaced though. I'm not too happy about that since it's a few hundred dollars. Hopefully my clamp will hold out til we can save up some money? Bummer....


Shel and Rick said...

Please take a photo of the zocalo and also you cpu. Just think...you Mexican rigged it! hahaha Don't forget a good photo of Lydia. Heck get Pedro to take one with you guys and her.

Shel and Rick said...

Or is it Pablo? I can't keep those names straight