Thursday, August 21, 2008

In need of a pedicure

We haven't heard any news on our car yet. Well, we have heard from OUR insurance, but not from the other guy's insurance. Fine, whatever. We'll continue to butt heads with ours about the price of our car.

I went to my classroom yesterday. All I can say is whoa. This is going to be hard to get together. Good thing for weekends I suppose. There's no way I'll get this done during inservice week. Ugh.

I have pictures, but I think I'll wait til I'm done to post them- so there's a beginning, middle, and hopefully someday, an end.

I did get a whiteboard installed yesterday. I have a long strip of chalkboard, the whiteboard, and then some more chalk board on the other side. It's quite tacky. If I stay in this room next year, anyone want to help me paint? It needs new paint SO badly. I HATE green. Not pretty grass/limey green, but school green is just throwuppy.

SO yeah. That's about it. More to come. P.S. I really like wearing hoodies and pullovers everyday with shorts and flipflops. This definitely beats out Mexico any day!


Shel and Rick said...

sweat shirts and shorts are my all time fav to wear!

Shel and Rick said...

I want a pedicure