Sunday, August 24, 2008

RIP cutie vaio

I don't have any pictures. My computer has completely kicked the bucket. I'm using Drew's cpu til I get a new LCD screen. The actual cpu is just fine, but something is wrong with the screen. It fades out and goes gray, and won't show an image anymore. Drew took it apart- I don't think it'll work again. Dangit. So, tomorrow, after my insanely long meeting, I'm going to call up a few places, make sure I'm getting the correct screen, and order a new one, even though it might come back to bite me in the butt money wise.

We bought a different car yesterday. I say different cause it's no where near new, and I have no love or excitement for it at all, other than the fact that the back end isn't smooshed into the back seat. I'll get some pics up soon.

So, considering my pride and joy and life source computer is dead, and dealing with a new car member of the family, things are going quite well. Tomorrow, school starts up for me. Kids are in another week, but inservice is this week. I'm excited to get back to my normal routine, just so I can get back to exercising. Oh, and I put the treadmill back in its bedroom last night- I feel so happy about it. Now I just need my tv stand back so I can be entertained while I jack up my knee some more. :)

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Shel and Rick said...

For some reason I thought you had kids with you today.
You need to get a knee brace before you use your treadmill some more. Just a neoprine one you can get at the grocery store will probably work. Trust me on this one!