Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday #9 HUZZAH!

I only have 2 more hours of class tomorrow and I am through with you Mexico!!!!!!!!! Well, minus the mind numbing late night activities, it's not too bad! Even the mindnumbing activities aren't that bad, I just have to go through the routine, and the closer it gets to leaving, the more anxious I am to pack up everything and what not. Must. Go. Home.!!!

A girl that was sitting by me at this table (I decided to hang out in the cafeteria area today so I wasn't inside all day) and she asked if I minded if she smoked - I'm thankful she asked- cause I said, actually, I do, if you don't mind. I have a hard time with cigarette smoke. It's called it's disgusting!

Not much else is going on. We did go see The Mummy 3 last night. It was terrible. Cool special effects, but they just didn't make up for how trashy the movie was. Everything was just so forced. No me gusta la pelicula.

Today, we aren't doing anything, pretty lazy day.


Shel and Rick said...

That is nice that the girl at least asked. Did she go smoke somewhere else?

Maddy and Drew said...

I was so thankful she asked, and yeah, she walked 20 feet away and smoked. lol