Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday #6

Our plans got squashed, right in our faces. Museum in Mexico no more. Apparently, not enough people signed up for it- so our money was refunded and nothing to do.

I got to page 171 last night when Drew came down- he wanted to read it too, so we started over and got through the first book. I'm still scavenging for the last 2 pages of chapter 14 and the rest of the book. I have a copy sitting in my beautiful home so I know I'll at least get the stuff once I'm home, but I'm hoping some kindly sole will let me in on the secrets....or at least reread the spoilers that have already been given. :)

So we're hanging out at the school today, Drew wants to go swimming so he wore his suit, but I have some issues with the pool here, so I think I'll just put my feet in.

Sierra left this morning. Apparently, she was still drunk as snot when she got up this morning and Lydia said something to the extent that she was like a cockroach and lydia was going to spray her with raid. It made me laugh. But now the house seems empty and I'm sad. I can do this, right?

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