Thursday, August 14, 2008

Los Fotos de Personas and Coke

I forgot to mention an interesting thing at the movies yesterday. They had a commercial for some Ciel water made by CocaCola, and it was interesting cause they showed the guy going to work on a train and two men in dress shirts and pants were talking to him, and at the end of that little scene they give him a book that closely resembled a book of mormon. Then at the end, they had all the people he came in contact with dancing around, and they had the "elders" there as well with their side backpack things and everything- the only thing they didn't have was their little badges. I thought that was interesting.

Then, here are some pictures Drew so kindly took of people we come in contact with A LOT! We're missing several people, but these are some of the main ones I guess.

Pilar, Drew, Me, and Gisela


Horacio with his daughters (LtoR) Barbara, Rita, Lucy

Horacio and Lidia

Don't know their names- they're the security guards. We're missing one, but I haven't seen him in a few days.

Rebecca with maestra Estella

Alex with maestro Filemon


Shel and Rick said...

Those are great. Horatio looks really good for his age. What did he do for work? (Or does he still do?) Are the others...the girls in the first 2 teachers?

Maddy and Drew said...

He's an engineer of some kind - I'm not sure what, but he still works. They're retirement system is called you work til you die.

And Pilar and Gisela are teachers, yeah, forgot to mention that :)

Rachael said...

CUTE pictures!! =D

Shannon&Eli said...

estefania looks like she peed her jeans!!!