Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home, safe and somewhat sound

Just thought I'd let y'all know, smoking kills. :) Thanks Duty Free!

Let me tells you about yesterday. I was all giddy excited to go home, being all patient, what have you. The guy comes to pick us up and BRINGS HIS SON! We could barely fit our luggage and 3 people last time, let alone a 7 year old. So Drew and he hugged in the backseat all the way to the airport.

About halfway there, I look to the left of the cars coming down a pretty steep, very curvy decline, and see an empty semi sliding horizontally down the hill and eventually make his way into hitting the side fence, this in little incident knocks a motorcycle driver off his bike. I thankfully she him get up and run to the side so he doesn't get hit by unsuspecting oncoming cars. Just plain scary. I sat there thinking how thankful I was that, that hadn't happened to me.

So we get on the airplane after a couple hours of waiting. Apparently, the international terminal at LAX is being redone, so we landed domestic, got shuttled over to the international area to pick up baggage and go through customs there, and then had to walk back around again to go to Portland. We waited around for that for not very long and took off.
This is us in the Mexico airport- see the excitement?!?!

We didn't get to deplane like normal people, we got to go out the back door, AND go down a ramp!
Me being happy - we made it back to the good ole U S of A!

We landed in PDX and waited for Ryan to pick us up. Drew was SO excited to drive- it was pretty cute. So let's see, ~5-10 miles out of Salem, we're all chatting and Drew, being so excited to be driving had commented on how well he's driving the speed limit, and then goes, oh crap, hold on, and accelerated. I didn't know what he was doing, I was playing with my phone, had my feet up on the dashboard and all of the sudden. WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some guy out of nowhere rear ended up while we're going 65 mph on the FREEWAY with NO ONE else in sight! WTF?! We pull over thinking they were probably drunk or fleeing cops or something, and I figured the person was long gone. To my surprise, the guy pulled in behind us!!! I was all, WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!!! And he goes, I'm sorry, I didn't see you guys. I'm all HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE A CAR IN THE MIDDLE LANE GOING THE SPEED LIMIT?!?! UGH! And he's all, I don't know, I'm sorry. So Drew calls 911 gets the ambulance and popo's there cause Ryan was a bit discombobulated. They checked him out, he seemed to be ok, but definitely got the brunt of the hit since he's tall and was in the back seat.

The cop got everyone's info and as we're going to leave, our battery DIES! The cop had to come jump us, while Drew called our insurance. He got off the phone and said, I wish I hadn't called them. Dang. I sure hope our insurance doesn't go up much for this- it wasn't our fault.

So anyway, we are all safe, have pretty bad whiplash, but I think all the organs are intact. The back of our car is totally destroyed. It shoved part of the left framing stuff up so we can barely shut the back door. We had to get our luggage out, and so now we can't shut the trunk....again...

So we're in a state of now what? At what point do they consider our car totaled vs. repairable? It's drivable, but not for the state of Oregon since the trunk issue is serious in rain.

My house is a total and utter mess. I don't think the floors have been mopped for 8 weeks. The bathroom reeked of cat urine so badly that at 3am, I was changing it. Lexy has lost TWO pounds since we've been gone - keep in mind this cat is healthy at 9 pounds- to lose 2 pounds in 2 months is severe. Which means she hasn't been getting her medicine. I'm not too happy about the state of things, but I guess at least my house isn't burnt to the ground, right?

I guess all in all- the guy had insurance- if his insurance doesn't pay for our car to get fixed, ours will. Our house is standing and my cat is still alive. We all survived getting hit at high speeds and our car didn't even spin or anything. I'm thankful for Drew for being a cautious driver and knew how to take the impact. Things could have gone so much worse, but they didn't.

I have some pictures to post, but we rigged a phone charger for Ryan since he didn't have his on him last night. I'll get them posted at some point.

I love you all, and thanks for reading!

Our car, gone the way of the dodo.


mooniqua said...

Wow, I'm sorry about your car--that sucks! I'm glad everyone is OK. I doubt your insurance will go up, with it not being your fault. Sorry about your house and cat--time for someone to move out, perhaps??

Brammer Family said...

Glad you're home...SAFE. :)

Shel and Rick said...

I like the smokes. That made me giggle. Sucks about the car and all that...

Jocelyn said...

Welcome home! Sorry you had all that to deal with upon coming back. Wait as long as you can to settle on your medical claim on that accident, because whiplash pains will come back over and over.

Thayer & Associates said...