Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday #8 - Almost there!

Last night, we went and got some gifteroos at the zocalo market. Michele, I'm sorry, I forgot to take the camera until we were almost there. I feel bad. It looks like all the other pictures though. We had to take some more money out for them, but I like what we got. So if someone doesn't like their gift, they can regift it, and give it to me :D

uhm, Not much else is going on. Going to halfprice movie night is up in the air since we are so short on money. If we do go, we'll go see the Mummy, so it really ends up being how badly do we really want to see it, or is playing games on the comp. a better idea? We shall see.

Drew's been getting some pics of the teachers he likes or has had, and then once he's done I'll upload them. So just be patient.

That's about it, nothing too exciting going on...I didn't sleep well, so my happyenergies are no where to be found. At least I'm done with class today- THAT'S a good thing!

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Shel and Rick said...

I like the new layout and background. Good Jarb