Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday #8, Monday #8

We have NO MORE SUNDAYS OR MONDAYS HERE!!! It's a celebration! Rundown of Sunday: We didn't do diddly. It was great. Drew and I played Texas hold em on the CPU's for quite a number of hours. I also watched the rest of Mary Poppins and Goonies. Horacio's daughters came over for dinner - I'm glad we got to see them again before we take off. Uhm, nothing else really- it was a pretty decent downer of a day.

Today, I have a new teacher. She is horrid. She got all pissy at me cause I didn't pluralize something, and so I said, but in THIS sentence, it isn't pluralized, so why would I pluralize it? And she looks at it again, and says, oh, sorry. I HATE when people do that to me. It's like, either read the sentence or don't say anything. There was also a HORRIBLE sentence example: You were studying medicine, but you got married. ?!?!!? SERIOUSLY!?? What kind of SHIZZZZZZZZ is that? The other student in class thought it was perfectly good, and I *know* it's just an example, but it's a horrible example. Hi, my name is maddy, I'm going to medical school. Joeblow:Hey maddy, I think you're cute, wanna get married? Maddy: Ok, getting married is SO MUCH WORK, I better crush my hopes and dreams and throw them in the toilet without toilet paper and get married, WHAT A GREAT IDEA!


OK, so otherwise, I'm not doing so hot in my class, I don't get it, and the teacher doesn't have the patience to explain it to me, and she talks too fast, so even if she did, I can't understand her. I have 12 more hours of this crap and I can leave. :D So I'm going to hold on to dear life. I will be a "good" student. ^-^

We don't have any plans today. Lidia is heading up to D.F. again today, we told her not to worry about us for dinner, that if we were at home, we'd just eat cereal. I think she's planning on having the maids feed us. I don't like when she does that. Maybe we can go out and eat something. Oh, and i Have some pictures, but since my cpu is on the fritz, I'm lucky I've gotten this far with typing, I'm not going to upload pics til we get home I think, cause I am uberly frustrated with my laptop and might just kill it if I have to fix my screen one more time today.

So yeah, that's about it. I come home in 120 hours!

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