Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to the Island!

We've had a crazy busy last 2 weeks. From birthday parties, 1 year old pictures, packing and heading out for our summer vacation. We got back this afternoon and I am exhausted. I am so glad tomorrow is a day off for Drew just to get life back to normal before being Stay at home mom for awhile. :)

I think I'm going to break this trip up into a couple of posts just to keep it easy for me to talk about.

We went down to Grand Cayman for those who are wondering but have forgotten or I'm too lame to remember to tell. We stayed in East End at Moritt's Tortuga Club. It was absolutely fabulous. We came in on the tail end of the Hurricane headed toward Texas, so when we got there, it was raining. I think that was the only time it rained during the day. There were a couple nights of thunderstorms and a ton of wind, but during the day it stayed dry. It was a bit cloudy until the sun had a chance to burn the clouds away, but really, it was great because it kept the temperatures tolerable. I can't imagine the sunburns we would have had it if had been SUNNY the whole time- oh boy!!

So one of the things we did was go to Stingray sandbar. This is a *must* if you go there. These stingrays are wild, but come around the boats because they had learned long ago that sailors would drop their trash there and it was an easy meal. So these guys come out, hang out with you, and if you feed them, they act like excited puppy dogs and will literally come OUT of the water and get up on you- it was crazy awesome!!!!! I highly recommend it!

We also went to a couple other snorkeling sites- one with tons of coral, one with tons of fish, and one with lots of star fish. - all of these were pretty great in their own respects as well.

Our photographer, Polo took these first couple of pictures for us. It's considered 7 years good luck if you kiss a sting ray on the mouth! Here's to 7 years!!!

it was bright sunshiny and it made us squinty!

Goofing off on our way back to land!

Drew coming up out after picking up a starfish

This was (obviously) the stop where there were a bunch of fish- it was amazing

hanging out on the sandbar

The big ones are female and are about 3-5 feet across. The males are smaller and only get to about 2 feet across max.

One of the starfish...definitely different from the ones we get up here in Oregon!

One of the coral reefs we snorkeled through

to be continued...

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