Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bits N Pieces

This is just a collection of a few things we did and saw on some of the more low-profile days we were there. **I also was dumb and didn't seal our water bag for our camera correctly and my camera accidentally went for swim. I can't imagine how many pictures I would have had if I hadn't ruined it. I almost cried because I loved that thing *so* much (still do!)

A huge lizard hanging out in a church parking lot - they were everywhere---on sides of roads, in turtle farms, on walls, in the grass, under cars, under tires, etc., etc., etc.

Tons of these everywhere- just abandoned half built houses

If she ever forgives me for dragging her around, I'll be a happy person! -she was really a great sport through it all though

Their teensy city called Hell

panoramic from our balcony. You could see the ocean really well to the left, just not exactly where Drew was standing to take this picture. It was quite nice though for not being specific Moritt's owners who all got the front buildings. This was pretty much as good as it got.

Bird sanctuary where we saw that duck and a bunch of turtles. hah!

The Tortuga Rum Cake factory - they had this huge sign that said, "See how our rum cake is made!" so I walk up these steps and all it is is a glass window to look in. Nice.

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