Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lettuce, Lettuce everywhere!

I was so excited to get our produce box yesterday. After eating not so great food for a week on vacation, I was actually missing all the fresh fruits and vegetables we were getting. I was sad to find out we didn't get any cucumbers this week cause I was absolutely loving my cucumbers and pesto.

This is what we did get:
2 heads of lettuce- one green, one red
2 sweet onions - one white, one red
1 bunch of garlic
1 bunch of radishes
1 basket of strawberries
1 basket of raspberries
1 pint of tomatoes
1 bunch of basil
2lbs of purple viking potatoes

At dinner last night, we ate about half the strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes so the containers aren't as full as they should be in the picture.

When we got back from our trip, one of the heads of lettuce in my itty bitty garden was giant sized. It took Drew and me 3 days to get through it. I think that might be my only head of lettuce that grew decently this summer- but that's ok. Anyway, needless to say, we're going to be eating a lot of salads this week!

I've been attempting to clean the house this week, and barely anything has gotten done. I forget how much time little ones take up! Last night though, when Drew was home, I somehow mustered enough energy to clean the kitchen- including wiping the faces of cabinets. I was shocked! I also made freezer jam!

(can you tell which one is from the grocery store and which one is from our farm friends?)*

On Monday, we went grocery shopping and decided to get a whole chicken rather than pieces since it was so much cheaper and we eat all the parts anyway. We took it home and I actually cut it all apart. I wasn't nearly as grossed out as I had imagined being either. Once I cut everything up, I even make chicken stock and froze it!

all the pieces cut up and piled. I should have lied them all out, but I was getting tired and didn't want to wash my hands another time.

The start of my chicken stock- I didn't take after pics since it was about 11pm and I was tired.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to this week. Today, when the weather warms up a little more, I'm going to set up a little water table for Ellie to go play and splash about in!

*The one on the left is from the farm, the one on the right is from the store- did you guess correctly?

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Michele said...

That is all so great. I am not down with the chicken cause I personally won't eat it all but otherwise you inspire me. Well sorta

Oh yeah...looking a little strawberry blonde in the first photo!