Monday, July 19, 2010

Slides! Eggs! Cherries!

Sunday after dinner, we had some time to play before it was time for bedtime routine, so we decided to go to the park just a street up from us. We took Elisabeth down the slides a few times, and then let her go by herself. They had a little mini slide, so I was at the top to guide her down, and Drew caught her at the bottom. She loved it so much that she's perfected her hand sign for 'more' She went down slides for almost an hour! I think next time we do a park, we'll go to the bigger park and try out the swings, I think she would enjoy those, too!

We're also attempting to play outside more when the weather is nice, and since Elisabeth doesn't play with her toys anyway, why not play in the dirt???

Playing with one of the wall-o-toys


Checking out the handle bars

Mom, just let me go down, I don't need pictures! (She normally would sit up, but the picture taking opp took too long for her patience)

Going down the big curvy slide

This little girl is on the move constantly. She has a hard time stopping for me to take a picture, and with a slower camera, it's near impossible.

I couldn't resist the nose picking

I'm amazed at how much mimicking is involved. Drew is making a Dorodango and she had to have her own ball to roll, too.

Then today, we went to pick up our eggs from a friend's house who raises chickens on her farm. They live about 10 minutes away. They have a dog named, Shadow who is a long haired golden lab. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met! He was letting E crawl all over him, give him kisses and pet him, and he just soaked it all up, even rolling onto his back so she could rub his tummy!! They also have a wild cat that comes to eat and then leaves, they've named him Garfield. Garfield let E pet him as well! I love how much she is loving these animals! I'm sure she'll go through an awkward 'I'm scared of them' phase, but I hope it doesn't last long. I actually worry her first sentence is going to be, "I want a doggy."

So anyway, they were out of egg cartons and I forgot mine, so I got them in a container! I thought it was great!!! I came home and put them into the cartons I had, but it made it feel so non-commercialized and I loved it.

On our way out to their house, there was a big sign for cherries for sale. It was on the opposite side of the road so I decided we'd go there on our way back home. I stopped in knowing I only had $2 in cash. So I went up to make sure they didn't take credit cards (cause I'd probably head into Salem and get some cash tomorrow) and I was right, but she said I could get 1lb for $2, which is quite a deal!!! So we got some delicious local cherries that we ate at lunch.

We parked under these trees to head over to their little stand where some old ladies were sorting through and pulling out leaves and bad cherries. I may not enjoy living in Dallas a whole lot, but the atmosphere of some of the things are pretty awesome.

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Michele said...

Man I live in the country and don't have any of that fun stuff. I am getting a bum deal!
Love the slide photos.