Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boatswain's Turtle Farm

We took Elliecakes to the turtle farm. I had been really excited to go as well. We got to hold little turtles and touch the big ones if a staff member was around. I opted out of touching the big ones. It was a bit stinky and they didn't seem as fun to touch since they weren't as cute.

We also got to hang out while they did a feeding. They have a dry food similar to dog chow that they drop in. They feed the adult turtles (I have no idea how many hang out together, but it's a lot)- anyway, they feed them 200lbs of food, 3 times a day. Not per turtle, but just total. It was kind of gross.

This was one of the many holding tanks for the smaller turtles. They let you just go in and grab the turtles- which to me was fabulous!

awesome Nemo shot!

E LOVED the turtles. She sat and squealed with delight and wanted to touch them all, ALL over!
She also loves salt water. It was difficult to keep her out of their water, and unfortunately, we didn't always succeed. Salt water makes the germs go away, right?!?!

Checking out the adult sized tank- those guys are massive

more of the adults. There were so many---about 5-6 groups just huddling in the shade.

Soft bellies!

This is their egg laying ground. I loved the tracks they make, but most importantly, the iguana.

The littler turtles would flip their arms up and over their shells, I thought it was adorable

The egg hatchery!

E getting her salt water fix...oh boy... be continued!...

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