Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Won!

Back near the middle of June Drew and I were out at Lancaster mall for whatever reason. (probably buying clothes at Old Navy or The Children's Place). Anyway, the store, Shutterbug, was having a photo contest. They had a few different categories and you were allowed to enter each of the 3 categories (pets, kids/people, and general) but only one photo per category. Drew suggested I enter in the picture of Ellie in the snow back during Christmas time that I took. I was a bit hesitant just because I feel like there are so many other really great pictures out there and I was nervous about it. So I humored him and entered the picture as well as a picture I had taken in Hawaii.

Fast forward to last Saturday. We went into Shutterbug because that's where we got our last camera and I am forever in love with Canon's now and wanted to have their opinions on DSLR's since that seems to be the step I need to take since my digi just wasn't cutting it with some options and since it had taken a swim in the Caribbean ocean, I needed a new one. So we asked who had won the photo contest. They told us that they hadn't announced the winners yet, but they would by Monday. Once again, not really anxious or anything, I saw so many beautiful pictures earlier on that I figured mine was going to get lost in the mix.

Fast forward to Monday evening- I get a call from an unrecognized number, and thinking it was the Dr. calling me back about a question I had, I answered it. It was really one of the guys at Shutterbug telling me that I had not only won in the photo competition, but I won 1st prize in the kids/people section and I got a $100 gift card to the store for it! I was so excited!!! I really honestly did not think I had a great chance of winning!

I didn't win the grand prize (these were voted on by the public- that person got $300), but I got second best, and really, anything would have been really great!! The whole thing is just exciting, and to be $100 closer to a nicer camera is nothing to sneeze at for sure!! I should have a new camera by Christmas if I save well :)

I was told the way they picked the winners that were't by the public, is that they had guest judges, like one of the retired photographers from the Statesman Journal (Salem's newspaper) and people like that and they had to go through over 1,500 entries and vote on what they felt was the best....so in reality, I think this is more impartial than those that just come in and vote....cause if you have all your friends and family around and tell them to go vote for you, your chances of winning are going to be pretty high!

The banner in front of the store

And produce came today!! We got some sweet girl? tomatoes, carrots, summer squash-looks like yellow and some green patti pan, garlic, radicchio, salad mix, lettuce, strawberries and basil! (My freezer is going to be plum full of pesto for winter- I'm excited!)

Hey! We had a top left tooth pop through yesterday during the day!! This little munchkin has been a *handful* today! I didn't even fight the no pacifier during the day rule...it just wasn't worth it.

this is the picture that didn't make the cut- I think it was too grainy (happened during editing) and I think the one they did pick was beautiful congrats to all the winners!!!


Michele said...

SOOOO awesome! Congratulations! I am glad you entered. Also, check with Wayne, he has some good camera info. You get good foods!

Abraham and Sara said...

That is so fun! It's nice to win stuff. I love the picture too!