Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teething and My Book!!

I swear, if these teeth don't make their debut sometime soon I may lose it. I have never dealt with this much crying from Elisabeth before. I'm not complaining, just commenting. She won't let me leave not only her sight, but touch. We must always be holding hands or within close enough proximity that I can't leave. It's adorable and I wouldn't trade it, but man is it tiring! I feel awful for her, I think she's just hurting so bad. I would too if I had half of my gum-line shooting sharp objects through it in a row! ouch!

So my book came today. It is wonderful! It is perfect! It is everything I hoped it would be! There are minimal errors (on my end- the publisher did an absolutely fantastic job)! I couldn't ask for anything else! L.O.V.E it!!!

Trying out the swings at the park- I don't know about those....I think she was in some kind of trance, and I'd stop her every few minutes to see if she wanted to get out and she'd just sign 'more' each time, so I'd keep doing it. No giggles, but she did talk to me a few times, and was happy when I'd sing the Bumblebee song to her. It was just weird. But then again, she hardly ever laughs, so maybe it isn't?

This is a piggy at the library. She's in love with it. Whenever we go to visit, she has to hug it, give it kisses on it's ears and smell it. It's disgusting and I just watch. LOL

My beautiful, beautiful book and baby! (see all those books in the back? I've taken it upon myself to convert all my cassette tapes into mp3 format and I'm going to buy mp3 players for my kiddos to use at work to listen to stories on so that we don't have to use rickety old cassettes anymore!)

Oh heeeeeyy.... (my favorite part is the piece in her hair... at least she hasn't figured out she can put stuff in the toilet yet?)

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Carrie said...

Did you do the scrapbook somewhere online or do you have software?