Sunday, July 4, 2010

The end!

And here's a few more random pictures. Thanks Mom and Rissy for going with us so we could have some company and "free" babysitters!!

this kid loves water and has very little fear of it. I love it!


just playing

Hi maummy!

This banana boat looked so fun! We are totally doing that next time we go somewhere!

Rissy reading to E

Family pic, and of course, Ellie *needs* to be somewhere else

Life is Great


Suki said...

So weird! That close to a sting ray? Manta rays, maybe... sting rays? Yay for fun and no sunburns!

Maddy said...

Those stingrays were awesome!! I found out that Steve Irwin's accident with them was total freak, they're actually very passive and kind.

And for the sunburns, we got quite toasty on our backsides, and still peeling like crazy. Boo for not remembering sunscreen for snorkeling!