Friday, September 12, 2008


I haven't done a good job of taking pictures lately. So I'll post other people's pictures that I lurv.

This is pretty much my favorite picture right now. I look HAWT! Thanks Shelbells!

My sweet little neice Katie being entertained by the most handsomest(is that a real phrase?) nephew Jimmy in the world! - Thanks Carrie!

My auntie, Joanne, Michele, and me last weekend up in Seattle

Yeah, that's about it. Work went rather well, busy, but well. I have a WU student teacher in my room doing randoms for 30 hours. I'm not sure what to have her do this next week. She got all these book things put together so fast- I had honestly expected it to take 30 hours. It was ridiculous! And I sure am thankful for her help! Now what?!

I've been *highly* contemplating working on fixing up the bathroom. I think maybe I'll make Drew go to Lowe's with me tomorrow and at least buy moulding for the window in the kitchen and the rest for the bedroom closet, and maybe for the laundry closet. I just keep forgetting about that stuff. I think I'm also just excited to paint the bathroom purple. teeheehee

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Shel and Rick said...

Man I like that I always have so many photos. I am going to see everyone tomorrow so I will have more Katie, Jimmy and Rissy photos! Then we can see what color her hair is these days, unless of course she hasn't washed it, which is most likely.