Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got out before it was dark!

I DID IT! I had been complaining to Drew this morning that I didn't think I was going to be able to get out of that building until 7pm for at least a few weeks. Such a sad thought. I have been LIVING there it feels like. Well NOT TODAY MISTER!

I left at 3:45, got home, exercised, and have successfully dinked around on the computer for a solid hour! I feel so accomplished! Yeah, I have things that I *could* have done at school, but tomorrow is all planned for, the next day is all planned (just have to get the right things out for the day), and next weeks reading groups are planned, for the most part. Maybe this whole new grade level thing isn't so hard once I finally get into the swing of things.

It always happens though- I get going on a smooth course, and then WHAM!!! PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They ALWAYS take me by surprise. I do have quite a bit of filing to do for that already! GAH!

I don't have any pretty pictures to post, I feel bad. That's really the only reason I read other people's blogs. Otherwise they're just too dang boring. blah. Maybe tomorrow. I have a couple from Seattle, but they're kind of dumb. We did find a Mexican market up there, did I say that before?

Yeah, so I'm going to go shower and watch a movie- maybe from start to finish even!

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