Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2nd day of school

Sorry I don't have any pics. I should take some, but these kids are keeping me on my toes!

So here's the run down thus far:
-I think it's going to be a decent year *fingers are crossed*
-Teaching 2nd graders is MUCH easier than 1st graders, hands down!
-I miss doing 1st grade, but explaining things to kids just 1 year older is so much different!
-I still have squirrels.
-I'm losing all of my hair!

Seriously though- where is all this hair loss coming from? a change in estrogen levels, or what? It's insane!

We're heading up to Seattle on Friday afternoon. I like Seattle. I wish it wasn't so expensive to live there. That, and if we moved up there, Drew would have to take the Bar up there, and that would suck. So yeah. It's a good place to visit. Too bad we have to drive back on Saturday.

Drew and I bought strawberry whoppers at WallyWorld today cause they were on sale, and I'll tells you WHAT! THey are GOOD! I was amazed

Yeah, so that's about it. We're going to eat a watermelon tomorrow at school and count the seeds

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Shel and Rick said...

Yay for coming to visit me in Seattle!!
Take photos of your watermelon stuff. That is scrapbook fodder.