Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My Facebook isn't working right now. It says I have 17 new notifications, but I can't click on them. Hope it wasn't important!

So, I'm going to post random pics I just took, cause I'm not going to exercise til I see what the doctor has to say about my knee tomorrow afternoon. So I think I'll take a bath, read, and go to bed. My life is a raging ball of excitement!

These are my awesome NEON YELLOW Kangaroos. I forgot I had them, and need to break them in, so my feet hurt today. WELL worth the pain though.

This is Drew in a hypnotic trance as he watches Heroes. He didn't know I took his picture. :D

This is me, at 7:26pm, all cool and shizz

These are the Animal Cookies we polished off in 24 hours. Dang they were good!


Shel and Rick said...

I sure like iced animal cracker cookies. They are delicious!!
Don't worry about facebook... most of them are probably flair notifications from me. I had a super busy day at work.

Maddy and Drew said...

I wish blogger would make it easier to reply to comments. I still can't get in. I think you should go buy some cookies though. I think the bag is decieving, cause there really aren't a whole lot of cookies in there. :/