Thursday, September 18, 2008

FOoOoOood Storage

So being a faithful member of my religion, it is drilled into our heads to have a stable amount of food storage that is accessible at all times. There are even some people that register for these kinds of things on their wedding gift registry. So keeping this in mind, my food storage consists of the stuff I have in cupboards. Lots of oatmeal packets, and half a gallon of vegetable oil.

I had a mini panic from looking at pictures of the hurricane stuff down in Texas and realized that I'm aware money is tight, but we need a find a way to build up this food storage, even if it's a tiny bit by tiny bit. So I'm here for suggestions. I'm not ready to go all 50lb bag of beans per person, per year type. I just don't think I can commit to that much food, but you know, the little things.

What do you have in your food storage that you think would be good to start with? What things have you noticed are unnecessary. And where in the world in Oregon do you go about buying the church distributed canned goods, like the really cheap dried milk (sick!-but unfortunately is pretty necessary)?


Shel and Rick said...

Here is what I suggest...toilet paper. Buy extra about every other time you go. You will ALWAYS need it.
2 make sure you have extra tampons. Can you imagine running out of them? NARSTEE!
3 powdered milk is good to have. We hate it too but it is good to have some on hand.
4 Instant potatoes - they are always good and don't take up too much space
5 Water, Gatorade and muscle milk - serious you can't have too much water, Gatorade is good for the electrolytes especially if you have kiddos that get sick and muscle milk is good for protein and doesn't have to be refrigerated.
6 Hard Candy
7 Try doing a 72 hour kit first rather than worrying about the big stuff. Besides, beans are gross too.

I have been working on this for some time now and I am amazed at how much we have. I know you don't have an extra bath tub to put your storage in like we do but you do have your attic. That is good for the bulky things.
Check out the website links I posted on our family webpage. It will also give you some ideas.

rachaelhubbard said...

Hmm, I don't know how many days worth you're required to have, buttt.... hm.

Well, I got my ideas from the Red Cross' website - basically I have a bunch of food that I like to eat shoved in an old backpack (they said to keep it portable, since you never know when you might have to scramble up to the roof to live for a week!) like peanut butter, beef jerky, candy bars, etc. There's also copies (probably old, out of date copies since I did all this in like 2005 but hey!) of our insurance policies, titles to the cars, emergency #'s, etc) and I think like a deck of cards for fun and amusement while waiting for the National Guard to come save your soggy behind on the roof.

So! You can go the do-it-yourself route.... OR I saw they have a "survival kit in a bucket" kit at Costco for like $50 or something. It's a big bucket. ;) And the bucket doubles as a portapotty! FABU! Hehe.

As for dried milk... heh. They have it at Winco, and it's pretty darn cheap.

Man, I need to go through my little bag and refresh it I think.

So yeah! Also, I never get e-mails if you respond to these comments (kinda why I stopped... even though I still read I SWEARZ!).... what's up with that!?

Shel and Rick said...

You have been tagged on my blog!