Sunday, June 8, 2008


I guess I seem to forget about this blog a lot. So here I am, once again on a beautiful Sunday afternoon updating the world. :)

A pretty rose on the side of our house

School got out for me on Wednesday at noon. I don't remember what I did that afternoon, but I'm sure I did something. On Thursday morning, I started packing things up in the classroom and all of the sudden, TONS of people came in and just started moving my classroom to the other hallway. It was amazing. The women I work with are the most dedicated, hard workers I have ever met. There wasn't one ounce of complaint! They just came in, did their business and within a couple hours, EVERYTHING was out of my room (I had to beg them to keep my desk and chair in there so I could actually do grades that afternoon!) ---I hadn't expected ANYONE to help me with my room, so the fact that I had at least 10 people in and out of my room, and the only thing I had to move was a stack of empty storage containers was beyond my wildest dreams. If any of them ever read this, THANK YOU!!!!

So then on Friday, we had our all District staff meeting. It came and went pleasantly, and I was able to finish up my files and portfolios for next years teachers. I was then able to head over to Salem and watch Drew preform his first trial. He had wanted me there even though I was a little apprehensive on the idea of being there. I was so nervous for him, and wanted it to go perfectly, so when he got up to argue his case, my stomach was in knots!!! THankfully for both of us and his client, he did a bang up job. Neither of us were anticipating that he would win, but his arguments were presented flawlessly and succinct! GOOD JOB DREW!!! I was very proud of him! :)

On Saturday, we made it to the temple for a morning session and went over to Washington Square mall for some tasty Cheesecake Factory for lunch. While we were driving around, we found a Maggie Moo's ice cream place!!! I was so excited that we got cheesecake to go, and went over to eat tasty, tasty Ice cream. It was perfect!

Sunday, we had to talk in church, that went well, and even though they had planned 2 youth speakers, neither showed up, so Drew and I had to use up the whole time. That can be pretty scary! A lady at church told me a funny story afterward though that I thought I'd share. She said that a few years back, there was a man from the stake presidency that had just been called and was up there speaking. He had said that there was a "nephite" up there with him. Of course, it got everyones attention, so he then proceeded to say that he didn't know if his left or his right knee was going to win, but one of them was going to crash. It made me laugh!

So that's about it. We'll be heading off to Bend on Thursday this week, then up to Seattle, back to Dallas, and then off to Mexico the following Thursday, it's going to be a whirlwind of the next 2 weeks!

Some pretty flowers from our front yard


Shannon&Eli said...

that same things happened to us when we spoke at church last time!!! It's aweful and good for your husband that is soooo cool!!!

Shell & Rick said...

Dude - It took me a few to get your story. HAHAHA now that I get it. Good jarb on talking. I am sure you did a great job. That is wonderful for Drewski. HOORAY!

Julia said...

I just got your email about Mexico! That is such a good idea!! Way to live it up!!! Have fun!!!