Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend! Finally!

Happy Day in San Fran!

I haven't done a good job of updating this blog lately. Our weekends have just been bombarded with things, which leaves no time to update any one other than immediate gots to knows!

So last weekend, we took an extended weekend down to Sacramento to surprise Drew's grandma for her 80th birthday on Monday. We took off bright and early at 6am on Saturday, hung out that day. Drew and I drove over to San Francisco on Sunday to check things out. Lets just say the seals were disgusting. Too bad alcatraz was sold out! I guess it gives us another reason to visit again some day! Then on Monday, we did the whole birthday deal, and drove back on Tuesday.

Beautiful day!!

My kids at work punished me on Wednesday and Thursday for deserting them. Today was much better though. Those guys just don't like change.....maybe that's why we all get along so well. hahaha

For those that are awesomenss, know that I'll be teaching 2nd grade next year, so I get to also change classrooms. I've been dragging my feet for the last couple months to start consolidating and getting things ready for the big move. I stated cleaning out files today and boy there is a lot of stuff! I'm kind of excited to downsize so much and not feel guilty about dumping a whole lot of stuff I haven't used in the past year. THrowing things away is SO therapeutic for me. I love it!

Probably the c00lest store, EVAR!
Tomorrow I get to hang out with my BFF's! Going to lunch, pedi's and bridesmaid dress trying on-ness. Love it! I might actually consider doing the touch up paint on all the moulding around the house too...but only if I really get crazy like that!

Only 3 more weeks til Mexico! I can't believe it's going so quickly!

You can't see it as well, but there were undies hanging up to dry in ChinaTown, awesome!!!


Shannon&Eli said...

that looks like soo much fun!!! Do you just love teaching school or what! What college did you graduate from??? I am jealous, something I always wanted to do, but now that I have kids, I don't ever want to do!!!

Maddy and Drew said...

I do love teaching, but I definitely get feelings that it might not be the best thing for me....I just don't know what else I'd do. I got my Bachelors from the UofU, and my Master's at Willamette up here in Oregon. I thought about going for the PhD, but realized how much I had in student loans, so I probably won't do that route til these loans are paid off!