Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Maddy and I have been married for 6 years today. We met in person for the first time on December 11, 1999. We did not participate in any activities that required money. That was my idea. It was the cheapest date I had ever been on. I have only been married once so I do not know how expensive my marriage is compared to others. We dated continuously from that date forward until I proposed on September (something), 2001. (It was not September 11th. Who do you think I am?) We were married May 17th, 2002. 6 years ago today.

I would not normally get away with blogging on our anniversary, but Maddy is still in bed recovering from some sunburns she acquired from the Oregon coast yesterday.

To everyone out in Blogger land; Have a good day and be nice to everyone around you because if you are mean to someone and it gets back to Maddy or me on our anniversary...I will hunt you down.


Shell & Rick said...

I remember it was September 12th that you proposed. It was going to be on the 11th but you know how that day ended up. I still remember the day you proposed. Heck I remember the first time you came to a family activity...Dec 13th...dinner at Lone Star for mom's birthday...Man that was a long time ago! What were you doing preying on such a young girl! You freak!
hee hee hee

StakerSensations said...

yeah for you two!!! And happy anniversary, even if you did propse on September 11...we won't tell!!!

Brammer Family said...

Hey! I remember coming to your reception...and Maddy, you were sunburned on your wedding day too! Memories. :) Happy 6th year, with more to come!

Maddy and Drew said...

Shell, I definitely know it wasn't the 12, but I'm almost positive it was the 21st since I had a test that night at school.
So Shannon, don't you worry! hehehe

And Allison, I was!! I totally forgot about that! hah!! How entertaining!

Rachael said...

Happy be-lated anniversary!!! :)