Monday, May 5, 2008


Every Sunday morning, I get out of bed and race to load my computer so I can go read the new secrets on Sometimes, if I'm up late enough, I'll go see if they're there late Saturday night, but I still don't let myself read them. I also like to go back during the week and see what comments have been made concerning the secrets that have been posted. A little crazy? Maybe.

So this weeks have been wonderful. A lot of liberation and anticipation of the future, and it made me feel good. I thought I'd share this thought.

My brother-in-law is moving up here tonight. Wish me luck with patience, caring and understanding. I'm extremely cautious of this transition, but I have been re-framing my mindset to deal with it. I hope it works.


StakerSensations said...

oh man... if your brother in law is anything like my sister in law i feel for you!

Maddy and Drew said...

He's not as bad as I think your sister is, but just having to deal with another person in my space is going to be challenge enough. Hopefully it goes well

StakerSensations said... me your address at and I will add you to the skyline list...sorry! Thanks for letting me is it going sharing your space???

Maddy and Drew said...

It's SLOWLY getting a bit better. That first week I thought I was going to die and/or kill someone!