Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shake It!

I got home from SLC a few hours ago to a very quiet house. I'm not used to Drew not being around. Thankfully it won't be long. I realized once again that I don't think I'll ever have the ability to move back to Utah. Here are some reasons:
1. The bleached blonds that have their children as accessories. Everyone knows they have dark hair, so why hide it? I have a *very* hard time with this...much more than I realized.
2. I love the ocean. I love being 45 minutes from the coast. Sure, it's cold, but the beauty is worth the cold.
3. I love the green. We went during "green" season to Salt Lake and it was still gross and dirty colored.
4. Road construction. I hate it, and where my mom lives, you have to go through all the nasty construction to get anywhere downtown. yuck!

I do miss some things though, I guess I'm not as heartless as some make me out to be!
1. Mountains. I love Mount Olympus. I miss looking at it from mom's backyard. The trees were all in blossom out back, and having those trees frame the mountains was beautiful.
2. Family - I love you guys, so maybe you should come move up here?? :D

--yeah, that's about all I miss. Oh, and I miss a couple of my friends, but I have great friends here too, so it really is a toss up!

I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow. Since I missed assessment day, I'll be there late making up for it. Maybe I wont dink around too much though. I'm glad I got to see Jimmy grajimutate though, that's a huge accomplishment, and I'm proud of him! - oh, and Shel, I need your pics from Sat! :) I'm going to go upload mine right now. <3

Shel and Jimmy with the Bull. Aggie? Who knows!

A pretty sunset flying into SL,UT

Friggin awesome!!

The little terd wouldn't let me take his picture, so I had to surprise him! I <3 Him though!!!

"this sucks..."


StakerSensations said...

hey my sister isn't blonde but her kids are accessories that she doesn't take care of and ticks me off!!!

Shell & Rick said...

My sisters used to think they were blonde. I don't know what your problem is!
By the way, the bull is named BLUE!
I will have my photos up tonight after work. I can't upload them here at work...firewall. I was too busy reading to have done it earlier.

Shell & Rick said...

Who is the stakersensations person?

Maddy and Drew said...

That's Shannon, I went to High School with her. Don't worry, she's cool. LOL Just because someone *thinks* they're blonde and used to *be* blonde are two different things. I used to be, and sometimes AM blonde. hahaha totally different!

Jocelyn said...

I'm so with you about not wanting to move back to Utah. The blonde moms thing hasn't occurred to me, but I have noticed that hair is bigger there. It's definitely not green enough, and it's way, WAY too dry! My lips get chapped right off the plane! I do miss the mountains and the aspens, my family, and we totally need to rally for Cafe Rio to come to Oregon!

Maddy and Drew said...

oh, what a great idea!!! Even though I got the worst food poisoning from there once. I'd stil give it another go though!

MUG said...

HA HA! I understand not missing Utah some days! Especially in this yucky Spring season. I am jealous of how close you are to the coast.

Maddy and Drew said...

It really is quite awesome being so close. The one downside:It's usually cold. Freezing even! I want to buy a wetsuit for my bday next year so I can go bodybording!