Wednesday, April 23, 2008

random facts

I was in the shower this evening thinking about my lock jaw. And then I got to thinking that it'd be fun to post random stuff. So here it goes!

1. I have lock jaw syndrome. Apparently it's bad enough to make my dentist cringe. She told me to never chew gum.
2. I am a chain gum chewer. I have tried to cut down, but I love the stuff, and it makes exercising easier - so I try to only chew it when exercising.
3. I like to have my toes painted. I think that unpainted toenails are ugly toenails.
4. I hate nail polish colors on my fingernails. Only clear.
5. I shower 1 to 2 times daily. I can't stand dirt on me. I can't sleep unless I've showered.
6. I love reading teen fiction, like love, love it
7. I'm excited for the Twilight movie coming out, but I'm a little worried it'll suck.
8. I'm allergic to nuts, and I feel it's completely rude of people to put nuts in things without thinking. ESPECIALLY when they know I'm allergic. Jerks...
9. I hate remodeling, but I love the end product
10. I love throwing clay on the wheel. If I could do that all day, I would.
11. I love my curly hair - even when it's wild and unruly.
12. I'd rather type online, or text people than talk on the phone. The conversation just goes too quickly and I run out of things to say and I'm not good at multitasking on the phone as well as cpu and texting usage.
13. I think fruit juice is a joke.
14. I don't like eating red meat. I'd be vegetarian if I wasn't allergic to nuts.
15. I rub my hands together when they're dry.
16. I'm addicted to lotion. Although not as excessively as I was in Utah - at least there's a little moisture here.
17. I love being 40 minutes from the coast, even if it is almost always raining.
18. I don't like living in a impoverished community - it's hard on me sometimes.
19. I like listening to books on my ipod while I exercise - I get in good reading while I'm getting in some good cardio!
20. I love Sims. I don't think it'll ever get old
21. I like pastel colors. I also think all the neutral color crap people put in their houses is just that, crap - be bold, paint fun colors, make your house happy!
22. I'm allergic to cats. That's why I have one! LOL
23. I don't like carrots.- even if they do help you see in the dark - it just isn't worth it.
24. I like knitting, even if it makes me feel lame.
25. I love my iPhone, even though the game issue sucks.
26. I love my ugly clock I inherited from my grandparents, even if it is ugly.
27. I hate getting up in the morning. Even if it's 11am, whatever time I get up, I hate it.
28. I'm no good at organizing things. I can clean really well, but I'm really good at making piles. It's a good thing I married Drew, cause he's just the opposite.
29. I hate putting clothes away. Once again, I think this stems from the organizational skills...or better yet, the lack thereof!
30. I love Beauty and the Geek. It's probably my favorite reality show, ever!
31. I love baking. I don't always enjoy cooking, but baking is great!

Speaking of baking, I didn't bake these, but cooked them. Long story short, I got some purple potatoes and really needed to make mashed potatoes cause I was so excited. This is what they looked like!!!:

Kind of creepy, yes, but absolutely delicious!!!


MUG said...

Maddy! I just connected with your blog! I love your postings. And I totally agree with you about painted toenails! That is the ONLY way to go.

The Bailey's said...

I loved reading your list of random things! I just finished reading the Twightlight series and I hadn't heard about the movie!! It can't possibly be as good as what's in my head, but I'm sure we'll see it anyway. How is Mexico... that sounds like a blast! I can't wait to see pics!