Saturday, April 5, 2008

trivial thoughts

I was thinking about my week last night and how quickly it had gone by. I honestly not quite sure what happened on Monday, or Tuesday. Wednesday we went on a walk because it was so beautiful outside. ....what happened?? So then on Thursday, I had my pottery classes and then a book study with some ladies from church.

I couldn't believe how much I had missed throwing. I might not be great at it, but it was nice to know that it had been 3.5 years since I've touched a wheel and it took only seconds to center my clay. I was pleased with my ability. I made a few cups. I don't know if I'm entirely content with them, but that's where my teacher wants me to start, and I don't want to do mugs. My goal for taking these classes was, and is to thin down my become more comfortable with pulling thinner vessels. I hope I'm able to do it. I'm also able to go in on Tuesdays to throw, which I will definitely take advantage of.

The book study was fun. We chatted about Northanger Abbey...which is probably my least favorite Jane Austen book. Then again, I just have a hard time reading those books anyway, since I have to really pay attention = hard to read and walk on the treadmill at the same time! We're reading some biography on Abraham Lincoln for next month (I went and put in a request for the cd's)- there's no way I'd be able to stay awake and read a biography..just won't happen! So then, the month after, we're reading The Hobbit. So, I need to get through those two, plus the book I chose for my own reading. I think choosing what I want to read has been one of the best aspects of not being at school!

I had a stupid moment on Thursday as well. I had my salad open, all ready to eat, and realized I had forgotten to send of a reminder email to keep the pecans off. So I figured 'oh! I'll just pick them off!' - yeah, that wasn't going to work. I ate a crouton while I was at work pulling those devil nuggets off and realized that the pecans had saturated everything....I had no lunch.... So the only redeeming factor of work on Thursday had quickly been diminished! My mouth started to itch! So I kept the salad for Drew to eat. Dang. So THEN, when I was at this house that night, they had dog dander around their house, and after sitting there for 2 hours, my immune system just couldn't take that much threat on my body. I got home and my chest was so constricted, my throat and mouth were out of control with burning and itchy-ness! I shouldn't have even touched that salad. I just didn't realize my pecan allergy had gotten that bad. :( I ended up downing a whole lot of Benadryl and passing out. I don't think I moved all night. I still had residual feelings yesterday, so downed more benadryl. I think that crap stays in my system for a long time cause it's mid afternoon now and I still feel groggy.

I guess I'll go back to fiddling around on the internet. I painted all of the closet casing (that we have to put in before we put in new doors), and all of the case moulding (put around the doors). It took a solid 2 hours. Now we wait for the base boards..... Oh, I guess I have to paint the doors, too. boo. hahaha

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