Saturday, June 21, 2008


I’m a little pissed off at the school for requesting us to arrive on a Thursday when classes don’t start until Monday. They claimed that orientation was on Friday, but really, all we did was pay for our way back up to the airport when we leave, and got a tour of the school. I think I wrote about that yesterday. Anyway, it’s not like we couldn’t have come in half an hour early on Monday to do that, or even during class time on Monday, big flippin deal. So instead, we are out 2 more days of working, and an extremely stressful and long “weekend”. It is 2:06pm and we have nothing to do for another day and a half. We could have left for Mexico tomorrow instead and would have been just fine. Oh well. At least we’re able to mess up our sleeping schedule and feel like complete retards in the process.

Last night, I didn’t end up going with Drew up to eat dinner. He said he was fine with it, so I took advantage of him saying OK, and just stayed here and played Sims. I think I played for a good 4 hours yesterday. We then got ready for bed….poor Drew couldn’t get the hot water to come on, so he took a cold shower. Surprisingly, he said it was quite refreshing. Hahaha so I was all reluctant to go try. After about half an hour or so, I decided I would test my luck. I had to go to the bathroom anyway, so I just turned on the hot water (it takes a while to actually come on, and the cold and hot water are completely separate from one another, so if the hot water isn’t working, nothing comes out of the shower.) Anyway, going to the bathroom while the hot water handle was on. I figured that if it didn’t come on while I was in there, I wouldn’t worry about it, and to my surprise, it turned on! Since I wasn’t expecting it to, it made a nice little stream inside the bathroom since I couldn’t get the shower door shut fast enough….goes to show how much faith I had in that! Hahaha We ended up listening to more of the Amber Spyglass and went to bed. But, as we were going to sleep, the Discoteque? Was going, and they were playing LOTS of songs, very loud. Yesterday afternoon, Rita, Horacio’s daughter had mentioned that it’s so loud, if you want to dance, you can dance and you don’t even have to pay for it! It wasn’t that loud, but you could definitely understand the words when they were English songs.

This morning, we got up, went and ate breakfast – which I have decided is an extremely stressful time of my day cause the smell of food is just making me want to vomit. I can eat the fruit cause it doesn’t smell much, but bringing out the pieces of ham and tortillas just ruin my appetite and I feel bad. So we had gringas again for breakfast. I only ate half of mine. It was gross – tortilla, ham, mozzarella cheese, tortilla, then you fold it like a taco and eat it. I’m sure it isn’t always gross, but freak, I just can’t stomach anything. We told Senora Lydia that we were going to walk over to find out where the church was, and just walk around. She said that after her classes (she was doing some Labor Law classes I guess), that she would drive us. We declined cause otherwise, we’d have nothing to do.

So after breakfast, we took off. It was 9:30am, and we got to the church about 9:50am. It wasn’t bad, but it sure was hot. It is so flipping humid down here, I can’t even believe it. You walk outside and are immediately covered in a nice glistening sweat. Since we were so close to the “downtown” area, we decided to huff it up there, too. It was lame. I’m sure if you know what to look for it would have been better, but with the heat and not knowing where we were or anything, it was gross, dirty and kind of scary. Drew and I had a discussion about how if you lived in a wheelchair, there’s no way you could get around. These sidewalks allow one person to walk on the street comfortably, so Drew and I would take turns leading...mainly Drew though cause I had no idea where we were going. Then on top of how tiny they were, they weren’t even. You’d have a down slope so someone could get their car in and out of a driveway, and then this huge step for the doorway…this was the same on the business streets too. All sorts of step ups and step downs. We decided we were done with the downtown area. On our way back, we picked up some notepads, some drinks, and some hand sanitizer. Note to self, if the water says mineralizado or something like that, don’t drink it, just get soda pop, cause that shizz is sick. I don’t know how anyone can drink carbonated water!!!

We came back to our room around 11ish and have been here pretty much since. We layed down and listened to the Amber Spyglass some more. That book is so boring.

Oh, another thing, our beds suck. Like are the most horrible thing on the planet. I think the floor would be more forgiving. These things are worse than sleeping on bricks, they are so hard. So after yesterday, and last night, my back is just stiff. If you lay on your side too long, it starts to hurt. AND my arms fell asleep! How the crap do both arms fall asleep simultaneously!? The bed is OK if you sleep on your back, but seriously, who does that, and doesn’t move?

We have lunch time in an hour. I don’t want to eat. I think it’s the conversation. I just don’t know what to say, so I end up looking down at my food, or around the room and staying as quiet as I can. Drew seems to be OK with this since he understands much more than I do, but I’m sure it’s stressful on him too. We don’t talk about it much. Hopefully I won’t cry today. I feel a bit more in control of my emotions. I can’t believe we’re here for 59 days. Ugh.


Rachael said...

*hugs* Wow, that sounds.... sucky! I really, really hope that things get better for you!!!

That breakfast sounds absolutely revolting btw. I know you said not to mail things (I'm still sending you at least a letter though, dammit!) but want me to try to fed ex down some fruity pebbles or something!? LOL. <3!

lol @ the amber spyglass - I thought it was the best one! Heh.

Shannon&Eli said...

59 days eh... should go to and download build a's fun and a good time waster...