Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm hoping to spit this all out while I actually have an internet connection rather than getting it out tomorrow. So here is how the day went:
I woke up, not feeling tiptop, again. I just couldn't eat this morning. I was offered eggs, and the thought of eating them was revolting. I just couldn't do it. I ate some fruit. They eat mango like bananas here - it's pretty cool. I'm sure i'm getting way too much sugar. Oh well. We went to school, I got homework this morning. I have to conjugate some verbs, like 12 of them. Not a big deal, just busy work. If I could do it on my computer, it would be a lot faster. Oh well. Drew took my laptop into the computer lab to get the network fixed, and it's working beautifully now. I'm going to try it at the house tonight - although the threat of mosquitoes makes me a little bit wary.

I had to start at 8am today since Kate is in my class, and since it's 2 people instead of 1, I have to be in there 3 hours instead of 2. So anyway, then we had our conversation class- that was boring. Kate just sat there, I felt bad, but at the same time, I was able to try some crap out - I hope she'll talk in time....that or maybe we will be in different classes next week. ?

Then we had a break, we ate bananas and an orange - the orange was grown in the garden at our families house. It tasted like the oranges at the grocery store - maybe even a little bit bitter since it wasn't fully ripe. They have banana trees, but I don't think our bananas were from there.

After break we had a different class where we reviewed the ser verb. Freak that is hard. I don't think I understood it very well since we had to come up with sentences for each verb form. It hurt my brain.

We came back home, went right upstairs and ate dinner-lunch. We had fried fish - which surprisingly, didn't take like fish at all- a VERY good thing. And some random mexcian squash with oil, herbs, and Parmesan cheese on it- it was actually kind of tasty. Oh, and potato soup, which was good (potatoes with seasoning, onions in some broth).

So then right after that, we came back to the school for our art class. We traced random pictures onto cloth and then painted them with acrylics. I happened to get some purple pain splotches on my shorts and shirt - I'm a little pissed. I don't think it'll come out? I was also told of some horror stories of the laundry place that we have to go to - its like a dry cleaners for laundry, but no dry cleaning, and they end up "losing" people's clothes. I'm going to write my name in EVERYTHING. ugh. So, uhm, yeah, now i'm here, typing away.

The day has been OK, but I'm still not very comfortable, and counting down the hours, to count down another day that I can mark off my calendar to come home. For those reading for Drew's benefit. He's fine. He's having a good time. He can adjust to new and different things MUCH more easily than I can.

I was trying to upload pictures, but it was taking too long, so I think I'll do it tomorrow at lunch/break time. I love you all!

p.s. As you can see, I didn’t get to post this when I wanted to. I was all ready to go, BUT for some reason, blogspot was having a “scheduled maintenance” deal at 4:00PDT, so of course, they probably had a server down, so I couldn’t post. Hopefully you’ll see this in the morning or early afternoon.

So since I didn’t get to post, you can hear more ramblings of a pathetic person. First thing is, today, I had my 2nd cold shower in a row. I don’t know if they’re allotted so many gallons per day/week/month/year, etc, and I’ve totally used mine up, but it hasn’t worked in two days, and I don’t want to complain to the Fragoso’s, but if it continues, I’ll make Drew…..he doesn’t know this yet…. .^_^ J Also, at dinner, Horacio told us that on dia de San Juan (June 24th) it always rains. It hasn’t rained yet. It has 3 more hours. I don’t hear any wind bringing anything in. Speaking of wind and rain; last night, it was thundering SO loud that it woke us up. Not just woke us up and you go right back to sleep, but blaring rumbling. Did I talk about this already from this morning? Well, since this is my blog, I’m going to write about it again if I have, and if I haven’t, it’s bueno. So anyway, Last night, 12:02am, we hear this big ole crash/boom/bang, what have you. We both wake up and are still laying there. So I orient myself, check the time, see if Drew’s awake- he was. So then a big ole lightning bolt, bright enough to light up our room with our drapes closed, and being downstairs with a bit of an overhang, it still lit up the room, bright as day. Then not 3 seconds later, a air crackle so loud I seriously thought we were going to get hit. This didn’t stop for a good 10 minutes- I was totally freaked out. The power went out (I didn’t realize this til morning, but I know it totally went out during the storm.) Surprisingly, once the thunder had run its course and the rain started, Drew and I both fell back asleep rather quickly, even though we were both a bit shocked at how loud it got. It never got that loud in Utah, and since Oregon never has thunder, it couldn’t even come close. Seriously, it was BAD!!!

I was going to go check my interwebs to see if they’d work down by the wall, and take some pictures down there, but it got too dark, too fast. I almost feel like it gets darker, faster here than it does in Oregon right now. For example**, I feel like it gets dark around 9:00- like you can still see things, but it’s getting dark, here, it’s decently dark by 8:00, and by 9:00 it’s nighttime.

I did the ** so I’d remember the other thing that made me laugh today. I had a lot of conversation today where they’d give me examples, and every time they’d say(for example) por exemplo (a-hemp-low (a says it’s name)) and it reminds me of a deaf person that is trying to talk, but can’t hear where to hit the strong consonants like x, so it comes out all retarded- oh the things that keep my mind occupied…..

No me gusta ducharse en aqua frio. Esta muy malo. L L L


Shell & Rick said...

I don't like you to be malo. That is bad! hee hee hee
Those thunderstorms have got to be amazing!

Rachael said...

Yaay for finally having some food you like!! :)