Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday #2

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I am so done. I don't remember what I learned in grammar class - I don't really like my new teacher. I guess it's a good thing we only have them for a week at a time. My conversational teacher was decent. She wants to see pictures of where we live tomorrow. Our situational spanish teacher had a disney book and all we did was write down different spanish words for objects. That was decent - mindless work, which was much needed after conjugating estar and the difference between esta/an y hay. ugh. I am toast.

I found out today that Rissy gets to go home for the weekend for the baby blessing and dental work. All I can say is I am extremely jealous. I am so sick of being here. I guess a lot of it is that I have to do what other people want me to do 24/7. It's not like at home where I'm off work and I can do whatever the crap I want. Whereas here, it's like, you HAVE to eat at 7:15, you HAVE to go to class at 8:00, you HAVE to go eat again at 3:30-freakin 5:30, you HAVE to go to bed cause you HAVE to get up in the morning. And speaking of mornings, I just cannot tolerate food that early. My body still hasn't adjusted to the time change - so it's like eating breakfast at 5am. I just can't stomach it. hahaha

We were invited to go see 21 Black Jack with our host parents tonight (or tomorrow Lydia was saying this morning since she was so tired) - I don't want to go. I told Drew I don't want to go, but he says he feels obligated to do so. B.friggin S. I thought that being assertive meant that I got to do what I want instead of the wishy washy, I guess crap. This is trash.

Oh, and I found out that the calling cards you can buy here don't work, and the one we bought doesn't work, so if you were waiting for a phone call - sorry - it's not going to happen. :(

I guess that's about it. blah blah blah


Rachael said...

AWWWWW why don't the calling cards work!?!??!?! D:

Shell & Rick said...

What's up with the calling cards not working? Crap dude. That reminds me though...I need your exactly mailing address there please. Do you want me to call you? Would that help? Remember you can call me collect anywhere and we will take it!

Have you started any other irregular verbs yet?

Shell & Rick said...

I remember when I first went back to USU. I hated school in that I had to do what people wanted, when they wanted and all that. I totally can empathize with you. (Even if I spelled that incorrectly.) Can you take fruit with you to school and eat it after you have been awake for a bit? What is 21 Black Jack? Those are the type of things though that might end up totally fun. You can check out all the weird people and see the real culture down there.