Monday, June 23, 2008


Hey Shel, Joe Satriani is playing at the Teatro Metroplitan on 12 Agosto! I could totally go and tape it for you! hahaha I didn’t even know he was still alive.

So in other news, I am an emotional bag of wuss. It’s probably from not doing anything for 3 days, and having extremely horrible sleeping abilities. I woke up in the middle of the night to thunderstorms – which were cool since I haven’t heard thunder more than maybe once since we moved from Utah. There was also the discoteque going on that kept me up. Somewhere around the middle of the night, my right hip started hurting. I tried rearranging things to keep it from the piercing pain down to my knee to no avail. I eventually fell in and out of sleep until about 7:00am when I started to get desperate. Thankfully, I had brought down another pillow since I have pillow issues that I wasn’t using. (these beds are so hard that I can’t sleep on my tempurpedic pillow cause my body lays too close to the bed and it hurts, so I’ve actually done better sleeping in the pillows they provided for us.) Anyway, I grabbed my pillow and rested it in between my legs. That seemed to help immensely. We’re contemplating trying to figure out 1. where Costco is 2. if it gets bad enough, we might just go buy a tempurpedic topper. I think this would totally insult our host family, and I don’t know how we’d get it home, but it might come down to that. I hope not just because I don’t want to have to worry about getting it scrunched back up and either into a suitcase or mailed home. :/

I was in an extremely bad mood this morning- on the verge of tears before we went to eat. I had to have a little crying session to get it out of my system about how I hate it here, I don’t want to be here, I feel trapped, etc. etc. I’m sure hoping this gets easier when we actually get classes going on.

So last night, we went upstairs to let Lydia know neither of us was hungry. I feel like were being grilled if we don’t eat everything on (at least my) our plates. My stomach is feeling better, but it’s not like I eat massive amounts of food, either. Freak, I have a bridesmaid dress to get into – if I gain wait here, I’m doomed! So since she wanted to talk, we went into the front room to chat. It consisted of Drew’s broken Spanish and Lydia’s broken English. I sat there light a deer in headlights. I could understand both of them, but I just can’t generate the words on my own….I feel like a total retard when we have to go socialize – it’s like the worst part of my day. I loath having to go eat and talk…I sure hope it gets easier.

Then this morning, we went up and ate our fruit and cereal. We had zucaritos. – little sugars aka frosted flakes. Hahaha with tigre toni! I try my absolute hardest to not look at the expiration date on the milk. There’s no way I’d drink that shizz at home….let’s just put it that way (exp date 7/08/08 ugh!)- I’m not sick though, surprisingly!

We went to church today- that was very scary to get up an go, I was very apprehensive. Who we both think was the bishop came and said hello, and one old lady, no one else did. It was a ward of about ~70-80people there. There were some missionaries, but none of them said hi (there were 3)- I was ok with that. So anyway, it was nice to go and knowing the routine is always extremely helpful. What was funny though is everyone was out in the hallway chatting away and one of the bishopric started sacrament meeting. Everyone came in while he was talking – it’s like they won’t stop until he starts. And everyone did this clap/shake hangs thing, where the louder the clap before the shake, the better the hello. Very odd. I’m glad we went though.

So here we are, back in our cell until 3pm when we eat lunch. Then we come back here until dinner – if we choose to eat it. I sure hope tomorrow is better.

Things I hate:

1. These damn beds – cement is more forgiving

2. Mexican sidewalks – they’re crap- take pride in your smooth surfaces Gringos!

3. Mexican stores – for some reason, it just feels like they’re trying to rip me off, even for a container of gel antibacterial

4. Ciel mineralizada – sick shizz, just plain disgusting, who drinks that crap1? (mineral water)

5. Not knowing Spanish – and not caring a ton to try my hardest

6. People that don’t know English – we should just make it a universal language – it’d make things easier

7. Not knowing how to do bulleted lists in word. Stupid Microsoft being all stupid.

8. Jet lag – yes, call me a freaking wuss, but seriously, I do NOT like going to bed at 8pm pacific time because it says 10pm on my clock. I also do NOT like getting up at 4:30am because my clock says 6:30am. That’s trash. But maybe, just maybe if I get in the habit of it, I could get up and exercise before work when I get back? ….meh….probably not.

Things I like:

1. Mango

2. This boiled down milk and sugar crap.

3. Drew

4. The Interwebs

For some reason, Drew is able to connect the internet from the wall in the backyard, but I can’t. I’ll be happy when I can use my computer tomorrow at the school. I think we’re going to try to go on as many excursions as possible, just to keep us busy, even if it runs us into the ground monetarily – but it’s just money, right?


Shell & Rick said...

It is a good thing this opens in a different window so I can see what you wrote so I can remeber to comment on everything I want to.
#1 I think you should go to Joe Satriani. That would be awesome! I had no idea he was still around. I need to get some of his stuff on my ipod! If you go he might play the stuff we listened to in Mississippi which will make it feel like you are home.
#2 it is ok to cry. It gets it out cause otherwise it will just fester.
#3 Sleeping with a pillow between your legs is very good for your back. Rick actually has to do this every night. I do it on the nights my hips hurt. I would recommend doing that as much as you can right now.
I think you need to talk with Lydia about your needs or lack of when it comes to food so she better understand why you don't know. It totally makes sense that you can't eat because that is conversation time which would be the hardest since you don't understand anything. How is Horatio?
Maybe you will need to try and sleep with your ipod on during the weekend.
I decided not to number any more.
It is good you went to church. Keep going! That will help you have some sort of normalcy to your life.
Just be glad you aren't trying to tote your suitcase along with sidewalks. (I had to do that in Italy)
Mineral Water - Yeah carbonated water is horrible. It is tolerable if you leave it open on your night stand all night and drink it in the morning cause there is nothing else to drink. I am trying to remember what I drank in Mexico...I think I was ok because we were always at hotels. One thing, lemonade is LIMEADE! It can be carbonated sometimes and is sometimes super potent.
As for the date on your milk...that isn't past due. It is only the month of 6 right now!! HAHAHA
Bullet lists...Type your first line, then go to format and inset bullets. You can pick which one you want and adjusts the tab markers at the top.
Going East is worse than going west in my opinion. It is harder to adjust. So that must mean that you are only one hour ahead of me now.
As for excursions - Go for it! You will never do this again. It is only money and it has no value if you don't use it.
Don't forget to try and find the flea market and get some cool stuff like the box I bought you in Cancun.
I know you will be ok. I will keep praying for you and I will keep your name in the Temple!

Rachael said...

OMG amazing that they have Costco there!!! Remember, you could always just return it before you leave..... shady, but hey... you gotta do what you gotta do! Just keep it extra clean and nice and save the receipt! :P

That's cool that you got to go to church down there. That must just be like hugely awesome to have something of your own to do. <3333! Too bad they didn't talk to you though, losers!

Maybe you could convince Lydia to cook the jet-lag diet for you! it would mean more ham in the morning though, lol.

Oregon misses you!!!! Ooooooh I can't wait until you come back, seriously!! I think we ought to have something massively fun to celebrate. I'm thinking...... slumber party!? Or ROLLERSKATING!? SPARKLEY BLACKLIGHT ROLLERSKATING!?!??!? Yes. Think everything that was cool in 1989. Side ponytails included. It will be an occasion to celebrate, hehehe!

Shannon&Eli said...

oh man... i think i would feel trapped as well that's for sure...hands down to you...i couldn't do it... there is a guy in my ward from brasil up here trying to learn english in two months...i am sure that is even easier...