Monday, June 16, 2008

Whirlwind Trip!

Wow! We had a crazy last 5 days. Let me recap!

So we drove down to Bend on Thursday for an OCDLA (Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association) conference. I dropped Drew off at the resort and made my way back to the house to occupy myself for the better half of the day. We ended up going to a BBQ that night where the attorney's were smoking pot and exposing their privates while feeding babies. It was quite entertaining! So then on Friday, I hung out at the house that the Marion County PD's office had rented out just sitting outside reading. I apparently got much toastier than I had anticipated. I was really sunburned when I went to help out setting up a PD's party in the afternoon. That was pretty fun too. We ended up watching a ton of the original Hulk TV show and laughing at how lame it was. Good time! So then on Saturday, we drove from Bend all the way up to Seattle. Drew dropped me off at Sara's friends house to go to a bachelorette party for Sara. It was pretty entertaining. I didn't stay for all of it since I didn't want to do the whole Karaoke bit. So Dad, Laurie, and Drew picked me up and we went to watch The Hulk movie. It was pretty entertaining. It was so much better than that last piece of crap that came out. Granted there were some lamesauce junk going on, but considering what they had to work with, it was pretty good. So then on Sunday, we hung out at Dad's house watching movies, doing the whole BBQ thing and just pretty much chilling. It was nice. Then finally, today, we headed back to good ole Oregon and got here this afternoon.

Now that we're home, all the laundry has been done, I cleaned the house and now we're watching the most recent BSG episode. It can't really get much better than that. Oh! and I made more cookie dough cause I was jonesin for that!

So tomorrow, I need to get a few final things together for our next trip, and then head over to work and try to get some of my furniture moved in, and then on wednesday, I need to pack and make doubly sure I haven't forgotten anything, and then go to sleep early since we have to head out at around 4am to make our super early flight. Yes! lol Good thing I have computer games.

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