Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday #2

I’m not feeling too well. I had flan at the restaurant last night and I had milk this morning and I think one of them has done me in. I am sooo sick. I took some medicine, so I’m hoping that fixes the problem. :/

We went to church this morning. We met a guy from St. George there. He’s been there 2 months with his wife – visiting sister-in-law and mother-in-law. They leave on the 7th. Dang. It was nice to talk to someone in English. Not that I didn’t do that all day Saturday, but it was nice to know someone else knew English. He thinks he knew grandma and grandpa, but he couldn’t put a name to face, so that was ok. I don’t remember his name.

After church, we came home, and I have been lying on the bed since- which has been almost 2 hours. I watched Alice in Wonderland (I started it a little before church), and got through about half of Charlie and the chocolate factory. I also renamed all the pictures from the camera (well most of them – some of them are self explanatory).

Drew is upstairs watching the football game – spain against germany maybe? I know it’s spain against someone. So go spain! J I feel bad for being down here, but I am exhausted. I have no energy and just don’t want to work hard enough to try to figure out Spanish words. I should probably go up soon, but I’m kind of wanting to just stay down here til dinner.

I had a dream last night that I got to go home, and I was so extremely excited and happy, and once I got to the airport and they asked for my passport, I had forgotten it at the house, so they wouldn’t let me out of the country. I bawled and bawled and bawled. It bothered me so badly that I hard a hard time bringing it up to Drew in the morning. I’m an emotional wreck. I sure hope it gets easier. I kept thinking in church today – just 6 more times. I can do this. Just 6 more times. I can do this. Ugh. One point of interest that is happy is that instead of being in the 50’s for my countdown to come home, I am now in the 40’s. Today it will be 48 days til I come home. But part of me doesn’t like to count the actual day, so in pretend land, it’s like 47!

I miss being able to drink water from a faucet.

I miss being able to wash my hands without hitting the back of the sink every time.

I miss being able to use a toilet the way it’s supposed to be used – oh speaking of this – all the toilets on our adventure yesterday didn’t have toilet lids – just a basin!

I miss being able to sanitize/clean my retainer with warm water – it doesn’t dissolve in the warm temperature water here, so I have to brush it with toothpaste

I miss my bed

I miss my blankets

I miss my washer and dryer

I miss my kitty

I miss my family

I miss being able to wear a jacket every morning

I miss the cooler, less humid weather

I miss being able to go anywhere and speak English.


Shell & Rick said...

I think I told you that Grandma Jo's dad was born in Spain right? So we are 1/8th Spanish...which means...GO SPAIN! It was a pretty boring game though. Spain should have really killed them.
That is nice you met someone at church. Did anyone else talk with you?
Don't you love squatting over a basin? In San Giaminano in Italy we went to a place that was just a hole!!! But at least you could throw the toilet paper in it. haha

Rachael said...

awwww I hope you feel betters!!! Only SIX more times!!! And of COURSE you don't count the day of silly, hehehhe!