Friday, January 23, 2009

Surveeeeeyyyy Fivers, Fivers, Fivers

5 Years Ago I Was:
1. Almost done with college
2. Had a pretty sweet job of playing with kiddos
3. Had my house almost fully remodeled

4. Had finished losing a LOT of weight- go me!
5. Was making the dean's list like nobodies business

5 Things on my list of things to do today
1. Since today is almost done, I'll do tomorrow. Go shopping for some more comfortable brars, it's about time. (sorry TMI)
2. Go grocery shopping
3. Go to COSTCO!!! Love that place!
4. Laundry - Saturday's are exciting

5. SLEEP IN- that really should be number one.

5 Snacks That I Enjoy (mmmm, food)
1. chocolate chip cookies

2. sugar cookies
3. cupcakes
4. cake
5. poop cookies. aka no-bake cookies for wankers. minus the peanut butter
6. marshmallows
7. chocolate
8. ice cream
9. dairy queen blizzards w/ oreo's and cookie dough
10. mcdonalds french fries
11. doughnuts
12. popcorn

5 Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire
1. Pay off Drew's and my student loans
2. Invest as much as possible
3. Buy us both cars

4. Buy a house back in West Salem
5. Buy a house on the coast

5 Places That I Have Lived:
1. Downtown Salt Lake City
2. Olympus Cove, SLC

3. Sugarhouse, SLC
4. West Salem, Oregon
5. Dallas, Oregon

5 Jobs That I Have Had:
1. Bagger at Dan's- man that was an awesome job

2. Movie attendant at that one movie theater, also awesome!
3. Lackie at Frank's Cleaners, once again, pretty flippin sweet
4. Preschool Teacher - man, I've had some cool jobs
5. Elementary Teacher- this year is way awesomer than last year

5 Things I Want To Accomplish:
1. Make sure I can lose whatever weight I'm apparently "OK" to gain right now
2. Lost the rest of the weight I set out to do
3. Run a marathon - I know, I know Tamara.... lol
4. Be a good/attentive mommy

5. Attempt to be more optimistic.


Little House in the Big Northwest said...

I love your blog, Maddy! Your sense of humor always makes me laugh!

Loved your list of favorite I'm HUNGRY!

Shannon & Eli said...

oh...i HATE seriously so blessed. I think it's ridiculous that someone can make it SOOO big maiking fun of what he or she believes...let's not get me started...let's just say I will never be a reader.