Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hair Cuts

I have issues with hair cuts. I have had very few that have turned out the way I want them to. I had a lady down in Utah that did a decent job on my hair, but it's been a constant struggle since we've moved up here. I call around and ask if they know how to cut curly hair, and most everyone- thankfully they're pretty honest- tells me no. I found one lady- to my surprise at a $10/haircut place that did it, and did a fabulous job. I was amazed. So I went back to her a 2nd time and it was pretty good.

This weekend, I needed my hair cut pretty bad- it was getting yucky, and I went to the same place and realized the lady wasn't there. Soooo I had another lady cut it. I told her what I wanted, and said that it works best if you don't brush out the hair, and you keep it dry. So she proceeds to tell me that it's just easier to cut when it's brushed out and then proceeds to spray all this water in my hair. I WAS PISSED. SERIOUSLY PISSED. Then she proceeds to tell me that she thinks I want it to short. I said, well, thankfully, it's my hair, and I want it that short. Well, she showed me! When she was done, it's still 3 inches longer than I asked her to cut off, and her excuse? ..."well, when it curls back up, it'll be shorter." ------frankly my dear, if you had cut it correctly the first time, we wouldn't be havig this discussion. So she's all, "will it work for you?" and I said, "well, it's going to have to." - I paid my money, no tip, and huffed out of there. I was not going to sit in that lady's chair and proceed to be told what I wanted anymore.

So here is my quest. I need a person to cut my hair. I need someone that is consistently there, and knows how to cut insanely curly hair. If any one has ANY idea of how to get this done, please, please, please let me know. I've had it with idiots. She didn't even cut it straight. gah. I could have done a better job at home with a knife.


Shel and Rick said...

I had a lady cut my hair once at a salon...the $35 type hair cut. She cut it OPPOSITE of what I wanted...slanted opposite...the next day I had to go to a $10 place to get it fixed and she did a perfect job. I HATE it when people think they know what is better for your hair. I am actually shocked you didn't demand she cut it shorter, the way you wanted it.

Little House in the Big Northwest said...

OH my goodness Maddy! What a horrible experience! Bad haircuts are the WORST. I have a great person for you ...LEISA STEWART is an AWESOME hair stylist. And since she has 3 kids and a husband with extremely curly hair, she really knows what she is doing with that type of hair. I love what she can do with hair, and I trust her implicitly. She has a salon in her home on Douglas street.

Talking about hair shop experiences, one time I took Christopher in because I wanted him to have a really nice haircut for pictures,and I had a coupon so I went to a new shop instead of to Leisa...BIG MISTAKE. I tell them what I wanted (classic trimmed boys cut, long on top, short around the ears), and they proceeded to give Christopher a crew cut. If I had wanted him buzzed, I could have done it at home! I was pretty frustrated. The hairstylist girl had no clue.

Eola Heights said...

Hi Maddy,
A big congratulations on your new addition to your family!Your daughter is so cute. Ed and I are so very happy for you and Drew. I too can suggest Rachel Wilde @ Todays Hair. She has curly hair and would understand what you want. Todays Hair is located here in West Salem.
Say hello to Drew...
Debbie Johnson