Saturday, January 24, 2009

clarification and suggestions

I had a couple comments and a few emails on my blog header. Drew and I didn't get married in 1999, but met in 1999. We can keep it real while dating, right?! The marriage didn't come til 2002, and the baby carriage will soon follow, but not yet. :)

Speaking of baby carriage, is that the same as a stroller? And speaking of stollers, all you wise old mom's (haha j/k), what did you find you absolutely needed when you had kids vs. the fluff stuff that just seemed ridiculous afterward that you never used?


Brammer Family said...

-The Boppy!!! I just Lurve mine! :) It's great for nursing/bottle fed babies. We used ours non stop when the kids were little. We used it not only for feedin' but just to prop them up a bit and watch em' too.

-A swing of some sort. Must.

-Diaper Pail, whatever brand.

-We have this Fisher Price (?) Fishy Machine thing that goes on the crib. Love it! We put Ben in the crib, turn that sucker on and it's Night Night!

-Those car seat sleeping bag things are cool.

-Baby Mortrin/Tylenol on hand...always! ...hmmmm add a humidifier to that too.

-Lily suggests you get diapers. Ha ha ha! Duh, can't believe I forgot that one!

Good luck Maddy! The first baby is a little overwhelming. You will be a great Mommy! :)

Jocelyn said...

We got a Baby Bjorn carrier as a hand-me-down and absolutely loved it. We ended up getting a new one for baby #2 (the latches are a little more user friendly on the new ones). Great thing about it: when you go to public places, if Mommy holds the baby, you get more approaches from strangers who want to touch your baby all over --who knows where their hands have been!!! Put baby in the carrier strapped onto Daddy and have Daddy wear a less approachable face, and you won't get one oogler.

As far as baby carriages go, I LOVE jogging strollers! Even if you won't use it for jogging, the wheels are bigger, so you don't feel every crack in the sidewalk smack your arms. It's a smooth ride. We've taken ours hiking where we know the trails are fairly wide, and it has worked great. It's pretty much just for outdoor, but get a cheap umbrella stroller for walking around the mall, and you're good to go!

Monica said...

Here are a couple of things...

-I like my Boppy too, it makes nursing much easier (you can make do with pillows, but you may have to twist and turn them to get the positioning right).

-Speaking of nursing, if you're going to be pumping, I suggest trying out a pump at the hospital and renting one if possible rather than buying one. The one I bought didn't work well for me and you can't return them, so that was a big old waste of money.

-Swings--I would get one used if you can, because not all kids groove with them. Jared liked it, Isaac didn't. But if they do like it, it's awesome.

-Car seat mirror--this is one of those things that seems really frivolous, but this really helped Jared not hate car rides so much (when he was still facing backwards). Once Isaac was around, I didn't need it because Jared entertained Isaac. :)

-Stroller--I've heard there are some awesome jogging strollers, though I don't have one myself. If you get one, make sure it will fit in your trunk when it is folded up, some of those suckers are big. I like the stroller I have, it's pretty heavy-duty and can handle our dirt road but is still pretty easy to fold up and move. (We have a car seat/stroller combo, Graco brand I think.)

More ideas later...Isaac is fussing!

Tamara and Jonathan said...

Dude. I have a whole list. I'm serious. And advice about the first couple of days/hospital, etc. Right now go get "The Baby Book" by Dr. Sears. It is awesome. It's for just before delivery thru age 2. K, we talk soon!

Shannon & Eli said...

okay you definatly need a bouncer. But don't get the dumb ones from walmart, You need to get one that is like a swaddler, not straight up, it needs to come up on the sides to.They will LOVE IT! and then you need a baby wrap...give me your address and I will mail you one of mine...for free of course, and then I recommend getting a jogging stroller, double. Just do it, you won't regret it come time to have another one or a neighbors, etc. aThey are expensive but much much better than not a jogging one. Get a breast pump if your nursing helps a ton!!! And then the last thing I would highly recommend is getting some kind of noise maker for the babies room it helps relax them at night! Good luck, trust me, you are NEVER ready@!!