Saturday, January 17, 2009

How can I not?!

I found the *Perfect* accessory to having a child. After these pictures, how could I NOT get this awesome contraption!

Nevermind the crib, clothing (obviously optional, even for mom), and toys. All you need is this bad boy! I'm getting me one of MONDAY! CAN'T WAIT!


rachaelhubbard said...


I love how both photos clearly illustrate that you can still talk on the phone, as that is obvs. the MAIN CONCERN for busy women on the go today. Hahahahhaa.

Shel and Rick said...

Holy Crap that is funny. I even laughed aloud. I like how they sit on the floor with the material all around them. I can't wait to see your photos posed as such!

Maddy said...

Well, I *AM* a busy women, and I have multiple yards of draped fabric around the house, but I will post pictures!