Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh my sweet kitty, and CUPPY CAKES!

This weekend, Drew and I realized that we are bad parents, and don't brush hair well. Lexy seemed to have accumulated a giant mat on her chest overnight. (yeah, probably a few weeks)- but we needed it gone. The vet in town was quoting us $50 and up for the cut, plus $75-$100 for sedation. I literally yelled WHOA! in the phone! We called up our vet and was quoted $25 less for sedation. Drew ended up calling his bro up that shaves kitties all the time, and he OFFERED to do it, we just had to buy the clippers. Drew and I ran over to Petco, picked up some fancy brush/cutter thing, Ryan came over, and Drew and Ryan did their magic on my little girl! Lexy was so proud/distraught over her fur, that she wanted to sit by it for a while. So we took pictures. :D ---side note: you can tell her evil-ness factor by the red eyes. ^.^

Also, tomorrow is Birthday Wednesday at work. I was unable to bring treats last time it was my turn since I had some lame meeting to go to, AND this week (tomorrow)- I have yet ANOTHER lame meeting to go to. I decided that I would make some stuff anyway since I don't have to scoot until a little after lunch. I decorated cuppy cakes! I haven't done cake/cuppy cake decorating in probably over a year. I've done some cookies, but I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing cake stuff. I wish I had had more time to decorate a little more elaborately, but honestly, this still took a couple hours from start to finish.

I hope everyone likes them. I wish there were more, but I only made a single batch, and that's pretty much all it made with me munching on a couple, and saving a couple for Drew.


Shel and Rick said...

First of all why would you have to sedate Lexy? I just don't get it.
Second she cracks me up sitting next to her hair.
Third you cuppy cakes look delicious! I would eat them.
Are you still having meetings with that evil mentor lady?

Maddy said...

1. apparently lexy is a naughty kitty when getting groomed up here. I don't know what changed cause down in SLC she was quoted as being an angel. I don't know what gives.

Mentor- yeah, we had one today. it wasn't painful, but it wasn't useful either.