Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm in lurv!

Oh my sweet hunny did the awesomest thing in the whole wide world. He got me COOKIES! Cookies you say? Biiiig deal! but you would be wrong! When we lived down in Salt Lake, we lived like a mini walk away from Paradise Cafe and would go buy their cookies all the time. The only Paradise Cafe is almost in Portland, and we have gone there ONCE since we moved her- once it moved in next to the New Balance store a bit ago. Well, he pulled some strings, and yesterday, after school he had a surprise for me!

What a sweet gesture! Love me some paradise cafe cookies! Thank you hunnnnny!!!

Also, funny story. You know the saying, 'You catch more flies with hunny than sugar?' well, apparently our balsamic vinegar is delicious because I found a fruit fly in our vinegar bottle today when I was looking for some soup. Guess that's the last time I buy expensive vinegar.- we had bought produce from Safeway a bit ago and it came loaded with fruit flies. It took a small miracle to get rid of those suckers, and now we refuse to buy produce there. Just disgusting.

Well, tomorrow is the big day! I'm hoping for a puppy. I hope I get what I want!


Shel and Rick said...

MMMM Yummy. We have Paradise Cafes all over the place now. No more driving up to Sugarhood! Well not that I did that. But seriously, there is one right by South Towne Mall now.
My chocolate chip cookies are so flat that I might have to go to Paradise today.

Julia said...

I agree those are the best cookies ever! We had a really long wait at PF Changs a couple weeks ago, and I made Brett go over to Paradise to get cookies to snack on while we waited. :) Yummmmm