Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just had to!

The last couple of days, Drew has been volunteering and Willamette as a judge for their little pretend trials they do, so I've been chilling at home with Elliecakes. Weird thing though, she's decided she can't last past 630pm, so that's when she heads to bed...and minus the 1-2 feedings through the night, I'm having to wake her up at 7 to go to school! As much as I love her to sleep as much as she needs, there's also selfish me that misses her!

I uploaded all the pics from my camera onto the computer tonight and went through to fix a bunch of red eye and had remembered some fun videos. I uploaded those, but I had these pics on as well, and just had to share them :)

We're testing out the St. Patties day stuff early!

I was pulling her baby food out of the ice cube trays when she grabbed one. I took it away and she screamed. So, naturally, I gave it back and watched her. When she had eaten about 1/2 of it, she shoved the whole thing into her mouth. I had to physically remove it from her mouth so she wouldn't choke. This sent her into a tizzy of anger. I had then remembered that some kind souls had bought us some teething baggy things where you can put random stuff in them so the kids don't choke. I stuffed the rest of her yam cube back into the bag and she went to town. She ended up eating 2 yams and a potatoes+who knows what cube as well through that thing. AND everything came out clean in the washer! Hallelujah! -it also took an hour. HAHAHA

She would NOT look at me.

oh happy dancing day!


Michele said...

Cute St Patty's day
That striped sweater with the plaid skirt...DUDE you really need to move back to where they wear normal clothes.

Maddy said...

It's a JACKET! sheesh!

Tamara said...

oooo! Do I get snaps for giving you the mesh baggie-eating thingy??

And I am despairing of ever seeing her before she's a teenager. Jeesh!

Hey, did you know Jonathan delivered Andrea's baby? hahaha, crazy right?