Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Night

I don't like daylight saving time. Just when you get used to something they go and mess it up. I'm moving to Arizona. (esp. with small children, things just don't go smoothly)

Until then, here's some pictures :)

Every time I tried to open her mouth up to get a shot of the *new* tooth, this is what happened. Sorry guys - we'll get it eventually!

She had been sitting over where her feet are -she was determined to play on the computer-too bad nothing else is motivating. hahaha

This is for you Shel - I found all the stripes I had!

Pretty dress day!

(I should have put her bow on the other side! haha)
-This is her Easter dress- I wanted to make sure it fit so we could go get pictures next week

Playing in the 3 pitiful flowers on the side of our house - if I had remembered there weren't any flowers, I would have planted some this past fall! Maybe this year...

Oh! My friend R, had her baby! He weighed 9lbs 7oz - 21" long - a pound and 1 ounce more than E. He was a cutie though!

Ripping grass out of the ground is apparently VERY fun!


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Michele said...

Easter dress is way cute! I can't wait to see the "official" photos. Thank you for the strips. I can tell that even she is irritated by the lack of matching. Next time I would like to see some plaid in there too. That will really help!