Wednesday, March 24, 2010

9 Things I've Learned

1. I've learned that stale ends of French bread are better than any toy...
2. I've learned that said bread is great to get mushy and paint with...
3. I've learned that white cabinets look much better with said paint...
4. I've learned it's OK to go to the store with teething biscuit love all over your shirt, as long as your face is clean (haha)
5. I've learned that no matter how many times Ells falls backward like a plank of wood, she's always willing to get back up and try again (sorry Shel, the goose egg is gone :( )
6.I've learned that 9 month olds can say 'Hi, Dad' at the correct time and to the right person.
7. I've learned that after sitting in the sun, my legs are nasty pale and I'm OK with that
8. I've learned that Ells can scoot, but she hasn't realized the power behind it yet- and that, too, I am OK with :)
9. I've learned that unless I'm home for a longer stretch of time, nothing gets clean- my week off is to spend time with my little girl, not to clean the house, and this couldn't make me happier.

This was the best $15 ever spent- she even tried to smack Drew when he took it away. hahahahaha

She refused to wear her hat, so we went inside after about 10 minutes since I'm anti-sunscreen in hair person.


Michele said...

So are these things YOU have learned or Ellie has learned? Cause I can seriously see you going to store with teething biscuit on your shirt.
Some goose egg though if it already went away. Why get my hopes up for easter if it is just a really bump? =)

Maddy said...

I've learned through observation! hahaha- I just didn't know it!