Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I got some pretty flowers from my honey while at work on Thursday- Thank you!!! (don't look at the mess- it's an issue :))

We got to go to Gleneden for the weekend and here are my pretty pictures from it!

Sunset on Saturday

Siletz Bay on our way home on Sunday

I just thought this was cute- we were heading down to the sand for sunset- our room was to the right- it was nice we were on the main floor for beach access, but a bummer cause we couldn't see the ocean full on.

E playing while we waited

The waves were HUGE. These pictures just don't do it justice

Saturday morning

Playing in the pool. Pool=84*++outside temp=65* = freezing cold when you are out of the water. Fun though :) Elisabeth LOVED it

Nap- check! Swimsuit-check! Happy baby-check!

What a great way to spend my birthday. Next year, I can't decide if we should try out Depoe Bay, or stay at Gleneden again...and either choice, if we should go just for my birthday weekend, or all of Spring Break??


Michele said...

Beautiful photos!
Go for all of spring break!!
You hadn't told me about your flowers. They are beautiful

Evie Wonder said...

Her swimsuit is adorable!

Sara said...

Of course you can keep tabs on us. I always LOVE finding new blogs to read so I'll do the same with yours :) BTW...Happy late birthday!